Hottest Anonymous girls online FOUND: #7 Jessica (11 photos)

Last month, theCHIVE posed a challenge to our users to find the identity and provide photos of 10 of the hottest anonymous online girls. View original post HERE. Thanks to you all, theCHIVE is able to reveal the identity of 8 of the 10 girls that we will be showcasing over the next couple weeks. Meet #7 on our list: Jessica

Check out original Top 10 list list here!

  • YouHeard???

    HOLY SHIT! That's my ex. If you guys want I have some better pictures of her if you know what I mean.

    • psshhh

      prove it.

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’m sure she didn’t break up with you because you’re a extorting scumbag.

      • HellHathNoFury

        damn fingers, assisting my idiocy

        • Horse

          She’s my Ex too….not really…but yes there are pictures of her naked around the internet so you can also pretend to be her Ex like YouHeard???

          • czzzccc

            Where are they?! haha

  • mike hunt

    Not impressed!

    • someguy

      she’s a hottie, beautiful and has big bouncy titties. yummie !

    • Trinitiger

      Agreed… I've seen hotter.

  • Brian Ichi

    I don't know who told you guys this girls name is Jessica but it's false. Her name is Christine. She's from Pleasanton, California. Last time I talked to her she was training to become a flight attendant. We went to coleve together. I went to my last fraternity pledge dance with her in fall 2006. Whoever told you otherwise is a wrong. I knew this girl personally.

    • PF Flyers

      Who trains to become a flight attendant?

  • HMM

    She hides her left ear in all of the photos. Perhaps it is missing or deformed.

    • Paul Chuchmuch

      I couldn't help but notice that as well, first couple were alright, then it just got awkward.

  • poppajo8

    Big rack on a slim frame….WIN!!!!!

    • NTFW

      TRUTH!! best thing any petite girl can do – get some booobies 🙂

      … i liked her better when she was anonymous lol.

    • roflcopter

      lolz she looks kinda dumb

    • D'alembert

      Big rack? Is it a Marshall? Then it’s a double WIN.
      Though I’m more Gibson than Fender…

    • Anonymous

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  • dawson1488

    You have to take the pick out to strum it baby! Very nice! That rack is always out, as it should be.

  • BangBoomCrash

    Always looking to her left…

    • HellHathNoFury

      She’s not an ambi-turner. She can only turn left.

      • JAB

        She does turn right once. But, she's not happy about it…interesting!

  • Equalizer

    I Love her Boobies

  • boooger

    Meh, she would just be an average looking girl except for the fact she has tits that are too large for her frame and she is willing to put them out there in pics.

    • zym

      So if she was completely different, she would be average. Agreed.

      And her eyes are deadly.

  • ozzie

    which we fully appreciate booger.keep showin those puppies

  • thetech2

    love the rack something tells me she’s too skinny and needs a nose job but I did just slap my wife for not being her

  • bowhuntpa

    ABOUT 7,000$ ????

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Wow! Usually, with the “anonymous girl” pics, you only are shown her best pic. She’s actually hot in all of them. Not disappointed, not disappointed at all!

  • jacksons hole


  • John_Who

    There are better pics of her out there. Google Image for kissing_booth and you can find the path to the complete set.

    • Northman

      FINALLY! This is the anonymous hot girl I’ve been waiting to see more of. And THANK YOU for a tip on how to find her “other” photos – been waiting to see those as well!!!

      • hear me roar

        you, in conjunction with the frat dude, just ruined this girls day/week/year/career congrats

        • John_Who

          If you don’t want your day/week/year/career ruined don’t do foolish things that can ruin it. You attempt to blame me? Really? Objectifying is kosher for the pictures listed here, but not the rest of them? I’m sorry but I don’t follow your logic. Isn’t the point of the post to find more about the person from the picture listed in the original?

    • isawoj

      Nice. Those went from pg-13 to X-rated in no time flat.

  • top dog

    She better get a keepenzefromfloppenze that crosses you heart, lift and separate, cause her tits are hanging kinda low. She got a nice face, but that nose just throw everything off. But still, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for it.

  • mj

    what the hell’s wrong with her nose? Geez.

  • The Champ

    She has the perfect slutty/sexy/innocent combination look. Whoever could pull me out of her would be crowned King of England.

    • garp

      …let me know when you and the person that de-copulated you and Christine/Jessica present that legal argument to Elizabeth, ought to be a fun afternoon (cue the Benny Hill music)

  • John_Who

    See the other pictures out there – you are 100% correct.

  • Phreaky

    Man you guys are easily impressed. She needs a nose job and has a case of samefaceitis. I’ve seen 20 photos in the last week here in random photos that were hotter.

    • ROR

      You’re looking at her nose?? Uh oh…I have bad news for you…

  • Phreaky

    Also: what TopDog said. Without her bra pushing her tits up, she’s got some droopy ones.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Why do pretty girls insist upon putting on tarantula eyeliner and clown blush?
    Love her necklace, hate her yellow teeth.

  • Nick4444

    She kind of looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    • hMMMM


  • dawson1488

    The other pics are way better at showing this girls talents…

    Does she even have nipples though? They kind of looked photoshopped away or they either point to extreme opposites. Probably the latter.

  • DrRockso

    Nice tits, wanna fuck?

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