• toby nuts

    this is why you’re fat

  • uber mask

    ohh… wow

  • Lars

    i don’t see signs of handicap

  • HellHathNoFury

    My DSHS-approved doctor prescribed athletic shoes. Well, I’m wearing them.

  • HellHathNoFury

    That’s just sickening. There’s a tired, hard-working nurse behind her and a tired, hard-working serviceman in front of her. She has a disability, for sure. Hand, Food and Mouth Disease.

    • wickedjack

      dont forget the tired, hard-working dude behind the counter!

  • peter

    u gotta be kidding me, ‘Merica

    • CunningLinguist

      there had to be atleast one idiot to make an america comment. congratulations fuck stick.

  • samantha



  • jeepfan

    dollar menu here i come!

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    people would do anything to appear at the photo of the day section

  • Al

    America, Fuck yeah!

  • dragontamer363

    Meanwhile, in America….

    • Kent

      Meanwhile, you’re ugly as balls.

  • dooby

    This is bullshit and you’re all dickheads. She could have any number of problems with her knees or shins or ankles that are very painful when she stands.

    Who gives a flying fuck if she wants to sit down while she waits.

    • wickedjack

      i dont see a walker, or a wheelchair, or a cane, or a cast, or crutches. if she can stand, she can wait just like everyone else!

  • Rummy

    and eating fast food helps that?

  • powersticks

    People should be like the guy but most people are like the girl.

  • SirFapsALot

    If she would wear orange instead of pink she could earn a living as the worlds largest traffic cone.

  • Anonymous


  • Me

    get off your lazy ass

  • Blip

    Oh, come on guys! That’s a fucking long line.

  • whatsmyhouse

    You all seem to be missing the forest for the overweight lazy tree. That picture is more America than apple pie.

    • wickedjack

      man, there’s a lazy fat person in every country on the planet. Im sure there’s at least one lazy fat person in ethiopia, or even greenland.

    • Kent

      You don’t even know if it’s the US or not. But I gaurantee if the exact same thing happened in your country you’d have no problem with it.

      Anti-Americanism is literally a form of mental retardation and you demonstrate that. Meanwhile you’re on an American website. How dumb and pathetic you people are is really amazing.

      • Anonymous

        This is in the US.

        The guy in the US Navy uniform should have given it away. Just sayin’.

        • Mids

          You do realize that those in the military often travel to different countries, right? Especially the Navy? And that Burger King can kind of be found in most major countries? Sorry, what you've said doesn't prove shit. It's just proven that you're ignorant.

  • rocknrolla


    • Kent

      You’re a typical idiot.

      You fucking brainwashed piece of shit. Americans are superior to you in every way.

      • Um...Kent

        There’s no way that picture’s not in the US. Note the English sign about service members (not to mention the obese woman in the chair).

        • CunningLinguist

          just because the “service member” (who is navy btw) is in the pic along with this “english writing” you speak of, does not dictate this picture is in fact from america. have you been to a german burger king? theres english writing in there too. could be australia.

          • Service Member

            This picture is either in the united states, or inside of a US base. The Navy working uniform (NWU) isn’t even authorized for wear off base except for brief stops on the way too and from work for like to pic up your kids or get milk. Unless this guy is ON base, he shouldn’t even be wearing that uniform or should have unitized a drive through.

            The sign about service members almost surely means this was ON a base.

            Anyone who argues any further that this isn’t nessasarily in the US doesn’t know what they are talking about.

            And that is from someone wearing the exact same uniform at this moment ON a US Naval base.

            STFU Kent. The Us Navy eats trolls like you for breakfast.

  • kingkongi

    hahaha no wonder they lost a war to a bunch of vietnamese farmers who had old soviet weapons 😀

    • rihughes

      Yes kingkongi, and any war your “country” ever won, was because we fought it for you. Oh, whats that? Your Canadian? Run along and suck a moose cock. We will keep you safe. It’s okay you have French blood.
      I’m assuming you are Canadian based on your post. Or else your from some fuck hole third world country and we taught you to speak like a human being. Now shut up and make our products for us so we can pay you a nickel.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Yeah, Vietnamese men are awesome. That’s why during every US occupation, your teen girls have been throwing themselves at our soldiers to get us to bring them to the US.

      • Embarrassed American

        rihughes, why do you assume he’s Canadian when every other country in the world hates us too?

        I normally enjoy your comments HH, but that was ignorant. I thought the US didn’t occupy other countries–just “liberated” them (…from peace and autonomy some might say).

        • rihughes

          Yes, I apologize to my Canadian brothers. Your the best and you fight and die along side us. I get a bit emotional when people run their mouths about stuff they don’t even stop to think about. Maybe a Vietnam Vet comes on this site to relax and look at some boobs and a funny picture and has to listen to that nob who never did a damn thing for anyone. Sorry again for the rant. Canadians are great in my book.

        • HellHathNoFury

          Sorry, I should have said, ‘tour’ or ‘necessary intervention’, but I had an ignorant moment.

    • Kent

      Old Soviet weapons? The North Vietnamese were had the latest Soviet weapons and were trained and funded by the Soviets. If every single country in NATO was in Vietnam and the US wasn’t there, they wouldn’t have lasted a week. No other country on this planet would have done as well as the US did in Vietnam.

      The US inflicted a 20 to 1 kill ratio against them despite only using 1/10th of US combat power.

  • kaeru

    Man, some people who normally love making fun of everyone else on this site sure do get defensive when (“God blessed”) America is the target. Lighten up.

    And get some exercise.

  • rihughes

    And Oh ya, focus on the fat old lady. Ignore the muscle bound Navy guy standing there. America can send him over to your country and you can tell him how worthless we are in between his bouts of skull fucking you.

  • hiroshiki

    i go to usa in 2007 summer. this image is very real. many most people fat like obese.

    • NON

      hiroshiki – well at least I can sit down with her and hold a conversation I can understand. I doubt I would have to strain my brain trying to figure out what sentence was just butchered if she spoke like you. i just love how it is so vogue to bash America. Personally if it were up to me I would say oh hey world Fuck you america out and leave you all to yourselves. See what happens then when america is not around to protect all you pussy countries that like to hide behind us while pissing on our shoes.

  • americaneagle88


    • nomad78

      moon is not planet
      Finland has the best education in the world
      your auto mobile industry is almost bankrupt
      Excessive use of cell phones might cause brain cancer
      And grand canyon is just a freakin canyon

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