The early years of Pamela Anderson…ahh, my childhood (20 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    good to see her before her vagina turned into the grand canyon… —–> Adam Sandler

  • Charles

    good to see her before her Vagina was turned into the grand canyon! —> Sandler

  • Charles

    son of a….

  • BillyBlaze

    Pre herpes Pam was hot

    • FartFace

      agreed. she was responsible for millions of my potential children ending up in towels, paper towels, the bathroom sink, the tub/shower, the floor, counter top, back when i first discovered my super human abilities.

      Seinfeld —->

  • the dude

    Hey Bob can we get a suicide girls post please.

  • stafferty

    I amazed you didn’t throw in any pictures of her from Home Improvement. She was one of the best parts of that show

    • PewPew

      She brought a whole new meaning to “Tool Time”!

  • dawson1488

    I remember Palmela Handerson.

  • nouu

    suicide girls? nobody wanna see those cracked out beat bitches.

  • Gaetano proclo

    yes they do

  • que bolaaaa

    she looked so good right up until the penciled eyebrow..

  • fourtwenty

    suicide girls ftw!!!!!!!! Adam Sandler——–>

  • ROK

    she was so hot when she was 18 – but then again most people were. its just a matter of how fast you go downhill from there lol

  • Equalizer

    She is way Hot without those Tats and Tits… (excluded Tits in my comment)

  • krisb

    I’m all for a Suicide Girls post, but they do have they’re own website you know.

  • the dude

    True but i don’t want to surf through the site to find the best one. Also I only get on the internet at work and i don’t want to have an awkward talk with the IT guys

  • garp

    …based on the trending Pam will be simply ghastly at 85….but then again so will I

  • someguy

    yeah.. she was faptastic back then…

  • WOW

    She used to be hot.

  • top dog

    I’ll bet she can still bite a chunk though.


    I still would do her without a condom!!!!

    • terry

      so you want hep C?

  • peteyroberto

    damn you hepatitis

  • Mattythegooch

    ya can’t spell hepatitis without TIT!! Then again, ya can’t spell AIDS without AIDS……


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  • RandomGuy

    She looks a bit like Hayden Panettiere in the first picture.

    • Jakim

      …but with bigger tits.

  • northerner

    That’s sad. Pam was far prettier before she puffed up her lips and pumped up her boobs to painful proportions. She was far prettier before she started screwing with what “nature” gave her. Will Hollyweird ever learn? Doubt it. How many stories have we heard in the last months of women who wanted one last “fix” to attain perfection and it ended in disaster for their looks? Very sad.

    • top dog

      Yeaaaahhh!! but she can bite my chunk anytime.

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