This doesn’t look like the go-cart from my childhood (7 Photos)

This go-cart sells for $25,910. Honestly, why buy a car when you can have an insane go-cart to show off to your friends.

  • (_x_)

    go ahead.
    kiss it.

  • Matt

    thats pretty awesome!

  • miniaq

    it’ll be a bitch in the corners – short wheel base. besides, it looks like a f*ckin matchbox-bmw-batmobile

    • JD

      Nope, that thing would be awesome in the corners, short wheel base means it would change direction like a fly, long wheel base means a stable but crap handling car, like a limo…. or a bus

  • Anonymous

    It’s got all-wheel drive and a hayabusa engine.

  • Equalizer

    Is this street legal?

  • EMB

    Who makes this thing?

  • toilet paper

    Hayabusa engine, huh? Does that mean you can slap a turbo on it? Nothing with an engine is ever fast enough for me.

  • Nateb123

    I know it’s twice the price but I would definitely prefer an Ariel Atom 3 to this. Besides, AWD in a go kart is bullshit. Learn to drive.

  • The Jackie Robinson of ass eating

    Aye, Aye go-gart geek.

  • Shyam

    I am disappointed that snooeme would write about picking up women in such a degrading fashion.We are not objects to be purchased with money or drugs or adherence to fads.Only cowards lean on crutches like these tricks , instead of being themselves and being prepared to face the fact that not every person will be interested.

  • Michelle

    That's something you don't see everyday. One thing's for sure, go kart parties will never be the same again if those were ever mass-produced.

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