This is what the most expensive home theater in the world looks like (21 Photos)

This monster was created by Jeremy Kepnis at a cost of, get this, $6 Million dollars. The theater boasts a 10 x 18' screen, customized everything and enough speakers to fuel a Metallica concert. It's cool n' all but is it $6 Mil cool? I honestly don't think so. For that kind of cash, the seats better give you hand jobs.

  • youdummy

    sweet box fan

    • Brandon

      Haha, seriously. $6 million and he has a crappy fan and can only seat 4…

    • Anonymous

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  • CapnS

    Does the $6m figure include that library he has on the wall there? jeeeezusss

  • Mattythegooch

    OverKill? Though Footloose would be havic on that screen! Hahaha! (laugh track)

  • fourtwenty

    all that shit will be obsolete in 5 years. nice 6 million investment. bill murray—–>

    • Justin

      Those amps are vacuum tubes. That technology hasn’t changed almost since inception. They are supposed to give a more natural warmer sound the the solid state amps most people use.

  • tyquan

    What’s up with the window fan on pic #20?
    $6 mil on a theatre system and they can’t afford central air?

    • V4Vendetta14

      You would need a several ton commercial A/C unit to cool that room down after all that gear is up and running. His electric bill must be ridiculous. But yeah, the fan is one of the many things that makes that tacky.

  • uberbrie got sick of logining in

    First, if its so expensive than why is he watching Cable? seriously time to upgrade.
    B, is that the ship from 1000 leagues under the sea
    3, whats up with shrek and ratatoie you’re a grown man.
    lastly all that money and one couch…thats the sign that you need a social life or at least another chair for mustache bob!

    • Uncle Fumbles

      First, b, three, and lastly?

  • the dude

    Mr. Kpenis (i’m dyslexic thats how I spell) blew his load on this? Really how much sound do you need and only one couch?

  • mook

    I want to know what happened to the 5.8million which is missing from the picture. My setup is better at home and cost is $4k which is probably a overcast, generalizing for every little piece and time it took to put together…

    Maybe his couch is full of money instead of padding, then I would believe 6million.

    Plus having 5 speakers in the palce of one and splitting channels etc. It is all bullshit. More speakers playing different peaks wont make it sound better and it is just masturbation.

    You could setup a whole new plot of land, new building, room and seating for 30, video, sound, bar, kitchen, and have everything decked out for 6 million dollars. I call bullshit on all of this.

    • Cheez

      What kind of garbage setup do you have?
      A 1080p projector alone can run you $4k.
      Aside from media players and speakers, have you also forgotten power management, noise/vibration cancellation, and ambient lighting just to name a few things?
      Please explain your bedsheet-screen setup.
      And yes, splitting frequencies to multiple speakers does make a difference. There’s less interference in oscillation when multiple speakers are assigned their own ranges.
      $6M is beyond far-fetched, but saying your $4K system is even comparable is just retarded.

      • SaintxXxAsh


        • fourtwenty

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      • Anonymous

        Those McIntosh Labs reference amps run around $2000 a piece, if they’re the units I’m thinking of. They are incredibly sweet, and a ridiculous way to spend money. I would guess that that big projector he has is a 4 or 8k unit, which run all the way up to a couple hundred thousand dollars, though they’re completely useless because there is not any commercially available media above 1080p, so it’s all upscaled. This is simply an exercise in unnecessary excess, though I would bet that the system sounds great.

        • Anonymous

          You ARE mistaken. Those are the McIntosh MC2000 amps. They only made 550 of them for North America, and they were $15,000 each.

    • Justin

      I dont think he is splitting channels with that setup. If u look closely, u can see that he has a 7.1 setup. He is stacking speakers to split frequencies not to split channels. Essentially he has 2 x15″ subs, 4 x 6″ midrange and 2 x 3″ tweeters and 3 super tweeter per channel. Thats just on the side channels. His front stage looks insane though. he looks like he has 5 full range setups backed up with 4×15″ subs and 2 x 8″ woofers. That looks like a really loud and clear setup to me. I want to know how many crossovers he is using. He must have 1 passive per speaker and 1 active per channel, since he is using 18 amps. @ amps per channel and 4 for his center. BTW each amp he has costs 10k. His speakers look like they are custom. If I’m right then his front stage alone can cost up to 2mil, specially since all his passive crossovers would probably be hand made, not sure though. This looks like the loudest personal listening room ever.

      • SaintxXxAsh

        i’m just throwing myself in the middle of this debate. i’m not reading any of it, but i see a lot of ” ” ” and numbers and x’s so i assume you’re arguing over penis size.

        • 123 Roast Him

          You’re a woman, we don’t expect you to understand any of this.

    • Bill

      $4k would barely buy you the screen + projector, stop blowing shit up everyone's ass.

  • chris

    6million buys a lot of tacky. it looks horrible. but im sure it sounds great.

  • Equalizer

    I’d rather spend 6 millions in girls not in entertainment center…

  • Amurika

    does anyone know when Terms of Endearment starts?

  • Anonymous

    All that money and only enough friends to fill a 3 seater couch.

  • garp

    …idiot, buy a used IMAX theatre for $2.5mil

  • goposaur

    same setup as my Datsun Maxima

  • EMB

    Uber waste of money. But whatever floats your boat I suppose….

  • Anonymous

    What a moron. That kind of money he could buy a nice theater and share. greedy dumb ass no brain clown.

  • WizardofCOR

    I’d venture to say that much of the cost is invested in those McIntosh units that are apparently for each set of surround speakers.
    McIntosh is known to be the best audiophile brand made.
    Still WAY overkill, IMHO.

  • Langy

    Waste of money. I’d rather buy 6 million cheeseburgers.

  • Markkens

    6 million dollar penis.

  • keithp420


  • Greg

    Wow, this is pathetic. He paid 6 million and only has a couch in the the middle of it? I’ve seen pictures of those crazy ones with like 20 lounge chairs, popcorn machines, soda dispensers, etc. The acoustics in the room don’t look the best either. The fan is probably there because the room heats up like crazy

  • thetech2

    that’d be awesome for watching porn which I am sure he does (have you seen his wife )what a knob and what a waste of dollars

  • Mattythegooch

    What’s the salary for the neo-maxi-zoon-dweebie that’s constantly lurking and jerking around the soundboard?

  • texwatson

    he has on old hughes direct tv box and one of the first gen sony blu ray players

    now if all those are genuine mcintosh amps, those are pricey and some speakers can go up to a hundred grand a pair. but like someone said above disrete audio only comes in 5.1 and very few in 7.1
    His screen is big but still the crappy white kind. All his equipment is on junk racks in front of his blinds.
    Serioulsy for about 10-15k you can have a nice home theater not including the buildout which you could go crazy on if you wanted costing just as much.
    So 6 million?

  • Erwin

    The fan in picture 20 somehow spoils it. So you have a superb surround audio system. And en 10 dollar fan that eliminates the effect. I don’t get that

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