This is what the most expensive home theater in the world looks like (21 Photos)

This monster was created by Jeremy Kepnis at a cost of, get this, $6 Million dollars. The theater boasts a 10 x 18' screen, customized everything and enough speakers to fuel a Metallica concert. It's cool n' all but is it $6 Mil cool? I honestly don't think so. For that kind of cash, the seats better give you hand jobs.

  • C

    For 6 million you’d at least think there was a theme! Or it would look good.

  • Nick

    This has been on the web for over 2 years. Come one Chive! Keep up with the times

  • LoydBonafide

    $6 mill. and an Isthtar dvd is stuck in the dvd player.Dang.

  • JK

    Looks like a bunch of shit piled into a room to me.

  • DellHathnoFurry

    For $6 Mil a couple of seats that give you hand jobs? I’d buy. O better, I’d invent something like that and be rich enough to not use the chairs!
    Still, all that setup to watch Will Farrel in “Bewitched” or “Land of The Lost” nhé.

    An ALIVE comedian ——————————————————————————>

  • Anonymous

    sooo 6 mill for basically an overkill sound system? because no way did the projector or screen cost that much

  • Matt Lauer

    That looks like the media room in my guest house. He could have at least used Genelec speaker…sheesh.

  • pauly walnuts

    and people wonder who would buy the lexus LFA….

  • culion

    I just had a Revenge of the nerds flashback, which would be fun to watch in that theater.

  • BurgerKing

    This room looks like shit. There are cables all over the floor.

  • bodhi1990

    Where’s the popcorn machine? The soda fountain? The other seats? Needs the whole experience

  • anonymous

    $6 Million… I’ve got a pair of speakers I can sell for a $1 mil/pair. Wilson Audio. 😀

  • Casey

    There’s really no point in having that many speakers. All it takes is 6 really big ones in the right places with the right frequency levels and you could design something of probably the same quality. With that many speakers, the sound is going to be overwhelming and muddy, and coming from all directions kind of is going to defeat the surround sound, since it’ll all just spread until it’s a giant, homunculus sound cloud.

  • Anonymous

    That guy needs a serious beating….

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  • ken

    I have some compilation CDs I’d love to take a listen to on that system.

    Are those vinyl albums on the shelves or old Laser Discs? Whichever, he has been collecting for quite some time.

    As for the single couch, I love it! He didn’t build the room to impress or entertain, he built it for himself. A true movie lover.

    I’ve read lots of criticism but I’m guessing that anyone who can spend $6Mil on a media room (if that is really how much was spent) won’t give a shit about a few haters gawking on the internet. Just a guess though.

  • Jimi

    Yeah, love it or hate it, it’s pretty impressive.

    I’d have had a separate room for all those amps though………… bet it gets hotter than mother f***ker in there……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ydw505

    put cash and ignorance and you’ll get this post a 6 million $ home theater


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  • Atwell

    Hook up the Xbox 360 to that bad boy. Ooo Yeah!!!!!!

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