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  • John

    Father O’mally receives traditional welcome from alter boys

  • Tom

    “Stop! You graduated 3 years ago! You can’t wrestle anymore!”

  • Landslide

    I hope no one smells that.

  • Anonymous

    “You shall not pass!”

  • Steven

    the 80’s…when boys touching naked men was cool

  • mj

    “WonderGiant, ACTIVATE!”

  • Don

    Jorge Garcia takes his acting in a new direction.

  • Anonymous

    Molestation, you’re doing it wrong!

  • top dog

    Andre, YOU THE MAN!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Meeeaaattttttt, fresh meaaaaatttt

  • VAPC

    Thats right, touch my body, Andre likes this!

  • Russ

    Rosie O’donnell was a stripper in the 80’s?

  • Anonymous

    They’re real and they’re spectacular.

  • Neil

    so you like Giant Tits eh

  • bigbip1

    mmmmm, Beano…..

  • Hitbox

    Comming soon on CBS…. The Secret life of a Buddha

  • erick

    let the kids come to me ….

  • Mark

    yes, you little idiots, this is basically how you get to second base

  • stonedge

    It takes 17 children and 375 lbs of lard to sculpt this golem.

  • AMB

    "Stop it- this shit's contagious."

  • grover

    Eat at Jumbo's Has a Posse

  • Mikhael S. Carroll

    Damn, I'll have to wish for feeling HUGE titties next time, only two wishes left.

  • D.W.

    Andrea…the Small-Breasted-Shockingly-Risque-Perm-Haired-Female wrestler

  • Azzy77

    Andre the Giant had an agreement with the FCC, he could wear the speedo as long as his nipples were covered.

  • Nick

    my caption:

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