Daily Afternoon Randomness (32 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    So wtf is the rancor keeper doing with that cat?

  • Mattythegooch

    Steph- need to borrow one of those kleenex.

  • shane

    may the best tush win.

  • Anonymous

    Best Randomness Ever

  • oxritapitaxo

    #9 happened in my year book, funny thing is the kid it happened to is almost universally hated haha 🙂

  • Phreaky

    This is becoming a joke now… All these girls taking pictures and writing in MS Paint on the picture – especially you #32 – you specifically go to take a picture for Chive and can’t make a piece of paper with Chive on it?
    I’m calling BS on 75% of these. Biches are just finding random pictures on the web and MS Painting them.

    • SaintxXxAsh

      Agreed. It was impossible for me to hold a sign, as i was holding my boobage, and i couldnt write in sharpie on my back. next time…

  • hoover

    Alot of gingers in that year book!!

    Who is the chick in number 7?? i think i love her!

  • mj

    SCARRRRRLEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTT *sucking noises and grabby fingers*

  • Anonymous

    The trophies are for what? The ugliest?

  • dragontamer363

    I want 1 to be my wedding.
    We could race the Popemobile

    ..I must go compose our theme music.


  • thatguyyousaw

    just fantastic

  • Sauru

    Dear Steph, you win

  • juniper

    Looks fine to me Steph…May I call you Stephy?

  • izismile.com

    hahahah the chive deleted my comment cuz it was true. now thats sad. u guys do really get ur pics from izismile.com. u guys are still unoriginal btw

    • HellHathNoFury

      we get it. if we wanted to go to izismile, we would. Many of izismile’s pics are skived from other sites, so you’re preaching to the choir.

      • shockresistant

        Totally agree with u HHNF. Besides the fact that some of us don’t have pure time to waste trawling through all the ‘funnies’ sites on the web I’m of the opinion that TheChive does a good job of collecting the better stuff an putting it all together.

    • Anonymous

      DB it’s the internet, there really isn’t much new. Get over yourself and stop acting like you discovered fire.

  • Vicarious

    How do you set a background pic for google?

  • JesperA

    7 and 32 is the same girl, her name is not “Steph”, probably a fat ugly dude sent the “steph” picture in!

    Her name is “Kari Sweets”, google it!

    • forge

      Boy that is one seriously epic tushie she has.

  • Soul Affliction

    I don’t give a damn about Steph’s ass or the Google chick. Give me the girl in number 3 any time because she seems nice and has a huge box of mac n’ cheese

  • LiteKnight

    Anyone know where I can buy art like what is on #2, normal stuff with weird sfi-fi/fantasy elements in it.

  • Archane

    #28 made me feel like a fat kid in a sweetshop!

  • P-90

    #7 and #28 made my day.

  • Mmmm

    I think the best part of 26 is the SATIONAL sign appears to be taped to a Swiffer.

  • russia

    has thechive become the Carlos Mencia of photo blogs??

  • Dreamy

    aaah sweet kari, i recognized her tushy right away o.O

    and I now declare myself an official fanboy of SaintxXxAsh!

  • Anonymous

    Steph, Your beautiful booty blows Claire out of the water. I should know. I’m a certified ass-man. Cheers-

  • Malchi Constant

    Steph, Your beautiful booty blows Claire out of the water. I should know. I’m a certified ass-man. Cheers-

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