Nothing says Wednesday like chicks with firearms (30 Photos)

  • aleXTC

    thank god there is no clips in the guns in pic #7

    • majorfathead

      the clips are in the kitchen, behind the sammich fixins

  • Equalizer

    #28 – heidi montag?

    • Brandon

      Yeah, and when did she become “hot? She’s 90% plastic and 10% hot air.

      • majorfathead

        maybe this was before the overhaul

  • rcjaos

    And the baguettes have now armed themselves……

    • CunningLinguist

      ya, who allowed that shit?

      #22 i kaka dow VC!!!!

      and how is #32 firing that ammunition with the dust port closed?

    • Anonymous

      I strongly recommend ______ B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m ______ to you where I just found my interracial boyfriend! You know it is a great place to meet black men and beautiful women. What’s kind of relationship do you want?

  • Robbo

    The only thing better than chicks with guns is naked chicks firing guns, YAY!

    • CunningLinguist

      add a cold 6 pack and you got yourself a winner, sir!

  • stafferty


  • fourtwenty

    tits and guns. fuck yeah. dave chappelle—–>

  • keithp420

    #31 – In Mother Russia, Bambi’s hunt you!

  • aosux

    #11 is awesome. If her shooting doesn’t stop you, her cleavage will

  • mjordan

    god damnit. who let them outta the kitchen? dave chappelle —->

  • HellHathNoFury

    If the douches in 28 are as dumb as they act, they’ll accidentally off each-other, yay!
    4 ans 19 please!

    • Great Odin's Raven !!!

      Really could have done without #28.

    • thatguyyousaw

      lets hope they do

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see any douches except for ^^^^

    • Anonymous

      *That would be one above Equalizer*

      • HellHathNoFury

        Coming from someone like you, it’s totally and irreversibly devastating. *snerk*

        • nouu

          back the fuck up off hhnf bitches.

          • mmmmm hhnf

            i know this warrants a devastating cleverly phrased response and I’ve accepted that butttttttttt ….. lets get some some sexy welding shots of hhnf riding a missile. ( or something along those lines) We deserve it.

  • Sarsi

    If you like chicks with guns you may try trannies!

  • Anonymous

    #6 – making sure this one doesn’t leave her at the altar

    #18 – bad form…and I say that because there was nothing else to look at…too much clothing

    #28 – looks to me like Heidi lost her opportunity to take care of that assclown Spencer….the way she’s looking at that gun, looks like she was wanting to use it

    • Anonymous

      #18 – yea, it looks like she’s about to knock herself out with that thing

  • Timothy

    Going all “Gun Hoe”….

  • Charlestonpaul

    Welcome to Texas

  • Spiderpig615

    Bet they can’t handle the recoil of my d*@k…lol!!

  • Anonymous

    […] OVEJA!!! Guerra de gifs!!! (56Kb Warning!) OMFG!! minas y armas!! super interezante!! hot chicks with guns theCHIVE __________________ Todas las tiendas de Hardware en un solo lugar!! ademas sin publicidad! […]

  • top dog

    Damn #29, can you really shoot that thing? sexy ass!!

  • Vroom

    Anyone who thinks chicks with guns are cool, has never had a crazy ex-girlfriend.

  • Aidan

    #25 is terrifying

  • P-90

    #20 Jill Wagner with a G-36, sweet.

  • Tennessee Budd

    You can tell the smart ones from the airheads–airheads have never heard of the Four Rules.

  • youdummy

    #1 duck hunting?

    • ITH

      I was wondering why no one commented on the duck faces… ugh

  • Girls and Guns Are Awesome |

    […] aren’t hard to find. But new ones are. And that’s what this gallery is. A bunch of pictures of chicks and guns that you haven’t seen […]

  • Fuk Yu

    #19 was used to be my wallpaper

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