Perfectly timed sports photography (19 Photos)

  • Lestat

    can there be a post without hot ladies? not that i’m complaining…

  • tommybhoy

    would be much better with captions added……

  • knoster

    What’s #10?

  • Anonymous

    #10 is biathlon

  • motofox

    #10 is biathlon

  • bowhuntpa

    GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!

  • Mullie

    Without hot ladies ??? are you mad ???
    19 pictures and the only one I remember is # 4. I must have watched her surely 19 times or more and still little intricate details can be seen.

    That isn’t Allison Stokke, but who is that ?

  • Equalizer

    Another Energy Drink Commercial

  • throwed76

    Pic #2- Who gave that hobo a Lakers Jersey ?

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  • Anonymous

    what is 7?

  • cksmim

    i think it is football…

  • Bar

    Who is is #4? yum…

    • SreyaNotfilc

      Don’t know, but #4 is so soo perfectly timed!

  • Anonymous

    What's that gay lookin' shit in #9?

    • @chaudhary1990

      its cricket, not even half as gay as baseball

  • Tunsei

    Any picture of 4 would be perfectly timed, musta been a tough choice.

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  • Anonymous

    #4 is Erika Prezerakou of Greece.

  • Tunsei

    5 – Run like you stole it!

  • Roberta

    New NASA is cool but I want the old one back! Remember when you were young and wanted to bceome an astronaut. Well you can chuck that dream out the window. One of the few things that Americans could be proud of was our space program. But because “he” says we need to spend more money on programs like Solair and the Chevy Volt we had abolish other programs.

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