Space photography is just epic (15 Photos)

  • APerson

    Woo! I am space! I am the sum of all of the things that are best and I am also very colorful, even when enhanced by computers! Woo!

  • fuzzybeard2016

    I thought #15 was a pic of a blackhead from for a second…need coffee, *NOW!*

  • justsaying

    7 – The eye of Sauron

  • Anonymous

    Some of these aren’t pics of space. #3 and #10 for example. Clearly not anywhere in our solar system and we can’t get high-res shots of other solar systems. They’re artworks.

  • Equalizer

    Space… the final frontier

  • religious nutjob

    it’s almost unbelievable that God created all of this just 6000 years ago!!!

    • nelly02

      yeah, god did it. or sauron. or harry potter.
      it’s all made of stars!!

    • Atheist Douchebag

      Actually there is much evidence to support that the earth is millions of years old. God is not an improbability, but an impossibility.

      • yeahsure

        i would assume he was being a smart ass

        • Kevrobmc

          That went right over his head lol

  • Hubble

    Posts like these make me wish we could get the pics larger…

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