From South America with love (19 photos)

  • Equalizer

    Must go to Brazil….

    • Leo

      thats all in venezuela, Must learn to read!

  • Zey

    I don’t get it. On one hand, some of the most dangerous countries on this earth, with the longest distance between rich and poor. On the other hand…

    • Pico

      Dangerous? Just don’t do stupid stuff and stay away from the slums. Otherwise ur welcome

      • Anonymous

        Actually, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil have widespread crime problems. Trust me, I just got out of my homeland (Ecuador) because of that.

      • Anonymous

        also, dont wear jewerly on public, or another expensive things and dont roid rage on the street, literally almost everyone would pull out a gun and shoot you
        btw i live in caracas, and if you see the police try not to speak to them

        • Ferr

          That happens also in NYC, don´t be such an ignorant

      • Anonymous

        sry didnt wrote the city name XD

  • Hotdog Neck

    Must…. Go…. There…. Now!!!

  • nouu

    made my tongue hard.

  • rcjaos

    Dibs on 13.

    • Verbal Kint

      Dibs on the rest!

  • aosux

    We love you!

    From N. America w/ Love

  • hardman

    wow # 2 — really — lost for many words, might be able too if i pick my tounge off the ground.

  • Anonymous

    Susan recommended me a nice community , ______ B l a c k W h i t e C u p i d * C o m ______ where black & white singles are looking for lovers to share interracial lifestyle with…. 😀

    • BigMike

      who cares

    • BigMike


  • garp

    …in my next go-round I’m definately going to select Brazilian millionaire race car driver, why not eh?

  • Anonymous

    Ha, and those are the average ones!!!

    BTW #11 is so gorgeous! I’m blushing right now.

  • El BrandO

    Best. Post. Ever.

  • aleXTC

    damn all of these girls are hot for the most part but honestly as far as latina goes these girls are pretty average. I see at least 10 a day that are hotter in nogi.

  • lumpyx

    I love my country! Beautiful women everywhere 😀

  • HellHathNoFury

    Check out the boat in #2! Yes, there’s a boat there.
    19 looks like daddy got her implants for her 14th birthday, nice stuffed animals and hoop earrings.
    The rest are stunning.

    • Bond, James Bond

      #2 – that’s right….I’m trained in covert operations and handling the curves when needed….this is why I keep one of my boats docked there. Comes equipped with liquid panty remover should it be needed…..rarely ever is

    • Anonymous

      Yup, fucking creepy, aaaand que the pedobear

      • Rick

        Ok is it wrong if i think she's fckn hott !!!!

  • 123 Roast Him


  • Anonymous

    It was all going so well until #17. Can we not have a gallery of girly pics w/o the freakin duck face?!!!

    • top dog

      She an implant from Canada or somewhere.

  • top dog

    I think I know where I’am going for my next vacation.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I’ve not seen that many curves since the last Formula 1 Road Race!

  • constricted

    My pants seemed to have gotten tighter in the zipper area….better go and take care of this…be right back

  • Anonymous

    Hey… did you see that? Chive earrings on hot chick #16….

  • elsixkiller

    This chicks are from Venezuela (and yeah, this are average girls) not Brazil, just saying…

  • DaddyD

    Asians with long legs or Latinas with big boobs … Latinas with big boobs or Asians with long legs … Asians with long legs or Latinas with big boobs …


  • mattbkln

    makes me want to hike the Appalachian trail.

  • mj

    omfg….#2 and #3….im gonna start humping my hand LOL. Do they give out free tits and hips in South America or what?! Jealous.

  • Anonymous

    Venezuela, oh, Venezuela!!! But it’s too dangerous to visit that country now. Just another reason to wish for Hugo Chávez to be overthrown.

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