Flavor of the Week: Bros Icing Bros (27 photos)

The Rules Are Simple:
1. If you are presented with a Smirnoff Ice you MUST drop to a knee and chug it on the spot (you have been "Iced")
2. You cannot refuse the Ice, or you are a douche
3. Style points are awarded for creative ways to present the ice (simply pulling it out of your pocket = boring; giving it to a waiter to bring your buddy when he orders an "Ice Water" = awesome!)
4. If you have an Ice on your person, you can Ice Block. When presented with an Ice, you pull out your own Ice thus reversing the Ice on the faux-bro. The ultimate Ice insult.
If you couldn't tell my the massive Watermarks on the photos, there is a website committed to this phenomenon called brosicingbros.com. Check it out, it's pretty funny. And let the games begin.

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Seriously, you’re a douche if you play this game. Not like I drank Smirnoff (the Haagen Dazs of vodka) before, but now I’m boycotting all their products…

  • DrRockso

    I got a fad that could catch on. Ladies, every time a guy hands you a Smirnoff Ice you have to show your tits.

  • lowdown

    wow! It is just a game, I think it is funny. You people need to relax, have some fun. Shoestring 30 said it right, you are all missing the point, oh well like the old saying goes….haters gonna hate.

  • Jim

    I get the feeling this is a marketing tactic by Smirnoff to make stupid college sauce boys buy their product.

  • Duffman

    Maybe if you say, jizzed in it first, then got a dude to drink it, that might be pretty funny.

  • spare201

    I thought bros icing bros was something else, even more gay. I thought it was simular to glazing somebody’s donut. This is still gay mind you, just not as graphically gay as I first thought. This is like bromance gay.

    • workin_donkey

      Bros glazing bros donuts…I almost sprayed diet mountain dew all over my keyboard. Nice.

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Smirnoff, yuck.

  • TeutonicChampion

    Smirnoff Ice…I doubt I’ll have any of those on my person any time soon 😦

  • 100window

    As douchey as this is, and it is really really fucking douchey, I did not realise that ones sexuality could be determined by playing a stupid game. Also gay people would play dumb games like this. If anything frat dicks are really really homophobic.

    • 100window

      wouldn’t* play dumb games like this. my bad

  • Forge

    In the US Smirnoff Ice is malt-based, in other words, it’s sort-of beer that’s been filtered to take the beer taste and color out, and then they add Sprite and other crap back in. Frankly I’d sooner drive a javelin through my face as drink that crap. How about a nice double shot of Old Crow in a grimy jelly jar?

  • Anonymous

    this reeks of viral. Fuck you smirnoff.

  • anon

    Do the frat guys do this before or after they get done playing cracker?

  • bro

    i got iced at my buddies college grad party when we were playing beer pong this weekend. its a game, guys. calm down. its meant to be embarrassing to the person who gets iced. we dont drink this stuff regularly.

  • Anonymous

    its playing pranks on ur friends. its hilarious. all u haters r just lonely and have no friends or ur friends r lame. this is a game for people with a sense of humor, u guys obviously just dont get it.

  • bro

    Wow a lot of these people don’t get it… The whole point of the game is because a Smirnoff Ice is a drink you’d never want, it’s a joke!! I’ve iced people and been iced. Always thinking bout how to be more creative with it… Looks to me like brosicingbros.com got taken off by smirnoff because of copyright infringement.

  • MCDrescher

    smirnoff ice is for high school kids. or at least douches with a high school mentality.

  • Viking

    Yeah….faggots. Trend loving faggots. Can't wait till the next round of bullshit marketing hits us.

  • B-b-b-bryan

    Thats the dumbest shit I have ever heard of!! Pop your collars, put on your Ed Hardy and get ICED Bro!!!

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  • Polexia

    If you Ice someone and they ice block you can you then in turn ice block them thus making them drink three ices or does triple icing negate the icing and no one is required to drink

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