It’s Friday, you could use some photobombs (31 Photos)

  • Steve

    I'm pretty sure Dr. Dre's hat says "Bob Saget". I bet that picture was taken at a taping of Full House.

    • Lee

      it does kinda look like it says Bob Saget… but it does say "niggaz 4 life" backwards!

  • eugene

    That’s the guy who gave Eazy AIDS

    • Anonymous

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      • Briana


        Okay, Jim Gaffigan may be a lot of things, funny, pale, consumer of hot pockets, but he’s is not a sexy lady.

        I’m just saying.

  • bababooey

    HHNF…Butt sex por favor!

    • bababooey

      you pitch, I catch…

  • tiger woulds

    NWA and pale face HA!

  • CJ

    #5: camel humps

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure 21 isn’t a bomb, if I’m not mistaken that is Rick Rubin.

    • ChrisDG74

      Um, no. Rick Rubin never worked with NWA. Nor was he anywhere near that old in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

      • ChrisDG74

        Looking at Dre’s hat, it says “efil-4-zaggin”(you know what that spells backwards). That ablum came out in 1991(I bought it). Rubin was 28 in 1991.

    • BBAmp

      I submitted #21. That’s a friend’s Dad and I titled the subject “subtle photobomb” cause you know, it’s subtle.

  • Sauru

    the girl on the right in #8 freaks the shit outa me

  • saraheleanor17

    #23 Yoda bomb lol

    • fourTWOzero

      you meant picture #22…….fail!

  • top dog

    #4 is funny as hell. Take a picture of this, my nuts and doggie butt. BAAAAAhahahaaaaa!!!!!
    I damn near missed it in #23.

  • Mat

    Love that ass #32!

  • rcjaos

    # 12 should be moved to Number # 23.

  • xlogicx

    Yes! My first photo-submit to make it! 😀

  • ken

    #4: For anyone who ever wondered where the Aussie expression, “like balls on dogs” comes from, there is your answer.

    #8 Snoop Bomb! He must be high because I can’t see why he’d be smiling looking at those freaky… ummm…ladies.

    #29: Pleasantville Bomb!

    #15 FTW. Genuine, bonafide bomb.

  • Great Odin's Raven !!!

    23- the cleaning lady from Family Guy.

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  • 100window

    #11 when you see it…

  • darth sham

    yeah… #22 was mine!!! i never thought it would make it. yoda FTW

  • fourTWOzero

    Eazy – E is disrespecting that Dodgers hat by rocking it with a Oakland A’s jersey…ugh

  • kikiklass

    #9 is awesome! something for everyone, just wish i was there!

  • bobg4400

    the girls in #9 look hot and whats it called when women have those two lines on the side of their stomach? also does the guy have an erection or just a really big penis because it kinda looks like its flopping over to the side.

    • Cade

      I'm pretty sure it's a small erection

  • P-90

    Number 4 literally is the dogs bollocks.

  • davidm212

    #8 Looks like Snoop Dog!

  • Kapica

    who is bombin on #8???
    And that emo bomb on #11 was awesome… emos… they amuse me..

  • Anonymous

    #11 is that creepy guy lookin through the window of that apartment… :0

  • Gentleman Jim

    I see the old lady, but is 23 the castle from that one Matrix movie?

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