• tyra

    What if he’s correct? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Strange Earthquake Warning -

    […] Strange Earthquake Warning This is really strange in that it looks like this person is "autistic" and many unusual things have occurred by autistic people. The strangest earthquake warning I’ve heard all day (Video) : theCHIVE […]

  • Todays musings … «

    […] things that were previously the realms of science fiction but are now possible, like this, the very latest in American earthquake early warning systems. And in biological science, experiments for several years in the field of camel toes has recently […]

  • Anonymous

    It’s evil I tells ya!!

  • Anonymous

    not too funny when a certain person is clearly handicapped.

  • HonestEd

    Little redundant.

  • A Guide to Making Earthquakes Fun : COED Magazine

    […] You know what we don’t appreciate enough? Natural disasters like volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, and hurricanes. After all if there were no earthquakes, there would be no boobquakes. And they’re really not that scary if you know what to do.  Like, if Judge Judy can survive one in her courtroom, so can you! Just make sure to stay alert and pay attention to what the news says…no matter how weird the warning. […]

  • Frankie MacDonald

    I do not predict earthquakes anymore and i am no longer making videos period.

  • carla gomez

    hey he might be on to something, there is another kid in baja mexico who does not talk much and has autism he kept saying the day that the baja earthquake happened and now that same kid is saying sept 22 over and over so perhaps we should be prepared!!!!!!!

  • Will Power


    Top guy!

  • BeautyyKillerr :D<3'

    Aw. Poor Guyy. This Kidd Is Autisticc Youu Assholes! Thats Whyy The Namee Of it Is Autisctic Earthquake Warningg! Andd "Lets Make Fun Of Wheel Chair Kids Those Guys Are Retards" Nice One Douchh Face! You All Shouldd Feel Badd! You Dick Lickss Obviouslyy Have NO Heartss!

  • Buckethead

    i know this guy, saw him yesterday

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