The World Cup starts today if you know what I mean (37 Photos)

  • Urine

    MOAR #8!

    • upendra

      ur so sexy guy

    • asim

      this the gul that are i am touching in recent dayss…

  • Anonymous

    I think I want Brazil ans South Korea.

    • FartFace

      mmmm… Korean girls.

      • Yumyum

        The Korean girl is legendary (in many ways) … there’s several other photos of her out there. I’ll see if I can find again and post here.

    • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

        can someone get that guy out of here somehow? he does this on every single chive post

  • Slippery

    Now I see why the rest of the world is so into this sport…

  • Anonymous

    I hate soccer but now i feel kinda funny about it…..

  • ChrisDG74

    Shouldn’t that be “World Cups”? Personally, I would like to be in group C, D or DD.

    • DrRockso

      I hear group DD is stacked this year

      • ChrisDG74

        Well played, sir. Well played.

  • EA

    I like soccer. It is such a nice sport. Soccer fans are really nice. Soccer is inspirational.

    • Belisario

      Not this world cup. Vuvuzela fucks it all up.. Seriously.

  • wordtoyourmomma

    #30 FTW

  • Anonymous

    a polek nie zobaczymy 😦

    • Hair

      And for those of you who don’t understand Polish….

      “and the shelves will not see”

      • CunningLinguist

        Ja deutschland!

  • Harry

    #5: You’re excited? Check out these nips!

    • northerner

      #5, Pokies!

  • MPMoore

    I definitely “filled the World Cup” on this post…

  • Equalizer

    Some of these pictures were not actually taken from the world cup

  • McBeastie

    Must be a special event…the european girls all shaved their armpits.

    • The Favorite Child

      Fag ! European girls are hot ! Stop trolling around from our basement or I cut your internet access!

      • ChrisDG74

        How in the name of all that is good did YOU end up with my pic?

    • DaddyD

      You need to get out more, dude. European women have been shaving their pits, their legs, and … well, you know … for at least 20 years now. Even the French.

      • McBeastie

        They’re shaving now? good to hear. Now we can move to phase two and start spreading the word about dentistry and Europe will move one more step towards a better and brighter future.

        • evanligus

          Sorry but everyone has a health insurance in France, this is why we all have access to dentistry. By the way we don”t have rednecks and fat girls in France ahaha

          • Anonymous

            Rednecks or Douchebags? I’m happy with our rednecks, you can keep your country full of D-bags. Oh, and by the way, we have more girls than your country has people, we definitely out number you in terms of hot chicks. Sorry bud, you don’t even begin to compare.

            • evanligus

              Sorry but every pic of Dbags that I see on Thechive is coming either from the US, russia or germany.
              Regarding hot girls, of course you have lot’s of them, but the most beautiful of them are the ones coming from south america or asia. You also have far far more ugly and fat girls than in France thanks to your great taste for food ! Come to Paris, the people there are the most fashionable of the world… do you want to speak about your taste for clothes? lolll

            • HellHathNoFury

              Well we know who’s winning the ‘dumbest argument ever’ cup.

            • Forge

              Naw man, you don’t have even the slightest idea. French women are among the hottest women on Earth. I’m not just talking about looks, even though women from the area around the Mediterranean are just more gorgeous by their very nature than anywhere else on the planet. You want to meet the most drool-inducing women you’ll ever meet, you’re going to either Southern Europe or a former Soviet republic. Also, women from countries that love futbol >>> women from the US, bar none.

            • McBeastie

              Lighten up kids….just fuckin’ with ya guys. The armpit thing was just an easy and obvious joke….I’m good at those. No need to get your panties in a bunch.

  • Anonymous

    Mam zamiar umieścić palec w tyłek!

  • Anonymous

    #6 and the last on…. go Argentina

  • Kentx

    #15, that guy has THEE best job in the world for right now, haha

  • SreyaNotfilc

    I see that Elin Woods lossened up and rebounded quite nicely.

    Hi my Mexican Princess! I love you!

  • Insert Name Here

    England was very dissapointing to say the least.

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    any caption for #15?

  • top dog

    Awww yes, them sexy soccer(futbol)suckers, I love em. I was in Italy once during the world cup a few years back, when Italy win everybody win, know what I mean? We have not as yet learned to appreciate the full sexiness of the game, but we are getting there, we are getting there.

  • fasterthanu



    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      anyone but england?

  • Bill Dick

    C’est de la marde le soccer

    • Squirt

      This French phrase means:

      “It’s shit soccer”

      • HellHathNoFury

        Dude, ews.

  • garp

    …[sigh] sadly, our hot canadian chicks will never get to strut their stuff on the World Cup stage

  • toilet paper

    Screw this soccer crap. I wanna see 2 chicks, 1 World Cup

  • Anonymous

    so how much does a world cup ticket cost? I wanna see Brazil vs Switzerland

  • Noone

    You know what I find funny? Reading through comments when people say things like “butter face” or “I wouldnt”, I can only laugh to myself. Anyone who posts on this site regularly is obviously a web surfing internet nerd. You would all beg for sex from any of these girls. Stop trying to make yourselfs look like you actually have some dignity. You dont!

    and by the way, Soccer = most popular sport in the world. USA = most dislked place in the world. Add it up.

    • ken

      You mean the USA is even more unpopular than hateful, self-important posters from Denmark who comment as if they speak for everyone? Oh no!

      • MichaelGS

        dude, have you even read the comments section? or just saying shit to be heard? theres virually no one saying they wouldnt. almost all comments are how hot these chicks are.

        Sweden will sorely be missed from this years world cup. then again the camera men arent showing as much of the crowd as they normally do. Maybe its because they might show the faces of some of these asswipes with the fuckin annoying vuvuzelas, and they might get ritually slaughtered by anyone who recognises them. I really hate those things, thought I never had to hear another one of them when i left all those years ago, but alas…

    • Superfresh

      Soccer = Gay

      Denmark = Full of child molesters!

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