The World Cup starts today if you know what I mean (37 Photos)

  • dt520

    Man Sweden is awesome… all 7 of those hot chicks in the two pics and absolutely ZERO duckfaces!

  • kp


  • goposaur

    Fukit, I’m moving to Brazil tonight.

  • Fly

    I thought that it was warm in South Africa.

  • nas

    most of the countries the girls are supporting are not even in the world cup

  • MasterDebater

    These German girls…

  • fasterthanu

    Score for tonight.

    USA 2
    England 1

    (I’m Scottish)

  • fasterthanu

    Not being racist or anything but that Korean girls got great tits for an Asian burd 😀

    motorboat! 😀

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  • kal

    romanian girl super hot

  • Anonymous

    Gay people are very neat and have been ever since they arrived from France.

  • charles martell

    ‘mon you yanks

  • arturocr

    And to think American women hate sports… Thank God for football!
    BTW, it’s true that many of the chicks shouldn’t be here. #37 has a Costa Rica “shirt”, and we failed miserabily at making it to the Cup.

  • Anonymous


  • Jake

    Funny how there are no South African woman, and we hosting the world cup 😦

    • MichaelGS

      thats because the truely hot south africans watch rugby, not football

  • Monk

    Pathetic … we are the hosts and not one SA supporter pic. Wankers

    • Beldar

      They were probably too busy running around blowing those annoying fucking plastic Vuvuzela’s!!!!

  • n0n

    those football boots with heels are horrible..

    ..but football bikini tops I am all in favour of!!

  • captain

    i love brazilian girls!!!!!! too hot!!!!!!

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    Looks like there is a slight bias towards Brazil ….. I'm okay with that

  • Lawrence01

    You imaginative enough. Dunhill fountain pens

  • Gene


  • jakops

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