Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • b

    i don't get #8!!i saw the pic the other day on another post on TheChive but i seriously don't know what it's about! Can someone set my dumb ass straight?!?

    • LucyRobot

      The shadow is a big juicy cock…. O_O

      • tyra

        Good news! You failed the homo test!

        • Bob

          Actually, here at theCHIVE we have a fetish for hand soap. Totally postworthy

          • thatsnotausername

            Never saw it that way! Hah! I seriously saw Vader the first couple times i saw this..

            • HldOnHittinABowl

              I also totally saw vader but wasn’t sure if thats what it was supposed to be. Glad I’m not the only one.

    • Stacks23

      The shadow is penis shaped….

  • Ky


    • Anonymous

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    • HellHathNoFury

      Dude, my mom’s dead. I don’t know what’s worse: being first or being a necro.

    • Anonymous

      what’s the deal with #24?

      • vicrom252

        its what porn looked like back in the day

  • LucyRobot

    Errect nipples are so hot.
    #3 = awesome.
    I want to live in permanent winter.

    • rarray

      #20 i don’t know i’m leaning towards.

    • Forge

      Those nipples aren’t necessarily all that erect, it’s just that she’s not wearing a shirt, you see, that’s nothing but paint. The more you know.

  • Lupivthegreat1

    the guy in #25 reminds me of Mori from GTA

  • Nifft

    Q: Why does Snoop Carry an umbrella?
    A: Fo’ Drizzle

    • Anonymous

      Did you know that Sean Combs is starring in a new police show set in New York. It’s called ‘NYP-Diddy Blue’

      • HellHathNoFunny

        What’s brown and rhymes with ‘Snoop’?
        Dr. Dre!

        • P-90

          What’s green, has four legs and if it fell out of a tree it would kill you.
          A pool table.

  • antonio

    Awesome! Except #18. That picture disturbs me in many ways.. don’t show it again chive !

    • Dirk Weems

      I hate those kind of pics like #18, they’re just kinda lame. I had to look at the pic of Priestess Shizuka to get that image out of my head.

  • TeutonicChampion


  • DaddyD

    Re #1 … why do so many parents think a small child will get a kick out of someone dressed up in a scary monster costume … wait … I hired a guy in a gorilla suit to deliver balloons to my oldest.

  • Matt S

    Seriously…#20 – best ass/legs ever. Worth the work.

    • mj

      totally agreed, minus the really awkward pose and boots.

      • Forge

        That awkward pose is called “sticking your butt out.” It’s kinda on purpose so you can see how awesome that thing is. And it is awesome.

        • mj

          wow, guess you’re smarter, right? I meant the awkward angles of the legs.

  • Anonymous

    20 = Gangsta.

  • Rupert Holmes

    I hate yoga but love the way yoga pants make my ass look.

  • davidm212

    #31 Newspaper version of Wilhelm scream

  • Anonymous

    #21 ejection port cover is closed

  • nomad 78

    well done 20 you made it

  • Adam

    Wow, More of #39 would be nice.

    • mj

      God. Is. Good. That being said, I wanna do so many dirty things to that woman. Starting with those unbelievable bewbies.

  • forge

    #28’s gonna look *terrific* when he’s 50 and has big ol’ mantitties covered with curly gray hair.

  • John Henry

    #24 – So, so true.

  • Regdar

    When I thought #39 said Portland, and was like 😀
    Then I realized it said Poland, and was like 😥

  • bubbles

    I don’t know how to feel about #28.

  • LOL

    #28 would be epic if the guy had a 3rd nipple where the girls other one is.

    (Side note…no where else on the internet can I say that sentence…except for thechive! LOL)

  • Green

    Ah man, I’m fucked

  • thatguyyousaw

    does anyone else wanna smack #20?

  • Anonymous

    did anyone understand 13?

    • Anarcy101

      13 has the Walker(the four legged machines in the background) in it from Star Wars so it looks as if the humans are going into battle with the stuff.

  • Danny

    # 45 for the win! Hahahaha………

  • Mouse

    #31 is shopped. Look at Al Bundy’s paper, it has 2 shades of white.

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