Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • gregger

    I’m moving to Poland

  • 2400cc

    #45 best shop of the little running girl ever!

  • bubble_rider86

    #9 following #8,coincidence?? i think not!! LMAO
    #20- damn, make me jealous! (or envious)…nice job! =)
    #26- I love that stocking!
    #39- cute shirt…..

  • 123 Roast Him

    Nice photoshop on the G.W. Bush pic :/

  • Wild Infant

    # 39 made me pass out for a few hours. oh my god!!!!

  • Cyprien

    If you are the owner of the ass in #20… marry me 😛

  • Anonymous

    #24 not necessarily the 90’s I did it in the late 70’s with ON-TV and SELECT- TV in LA. Sometimes cought a glimpse of a boob after hours of waiting and changing chanels at the sound of footsteps.

  • Anonymous

    it really payed off #20

  • Bob

    #20 is Laura Prestin (real last name is Jarvis)

    Has a super hot body but is a little stupid. Just how I like ’em!

  • adamwanderer

    #32 – uber rich dude lands buxom blond 30+ years younger…

    I say good for him.

    At this point in life trying to have a conversation with a non-relative around the age of 20 is just annoying. But I don’t think he grabbed her for conversation.

  • ydw505

    #38 Sam, we too

  • Anonymous

    #25 , i want some wonka candy plz.

  • Equalizer

    I want to go to Poland on my next vacation

  • LeMartien

    26 is the Jessica from anonymous topic ?

  • p griffin

    cosign for 24!

    #30, so badly shopped, boo!

  • andrade

    does anyone know the name of the 26?!?!

  • _fboy_

    about #4: i think bob’s trying to tell us something

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  • Poop

    Fake #27

  • Anonymous

    pls pls find more of #39

  • iamfwomwome

    #14 , 34, 44



    # 23 still! -in the 80s it was more fun HAVING cool stuff!- that noone could charge you for every time you wanted to use them or simply take away from you with a click of a button!!

  • Anonymous

    someone explain #31

  • Da Sandman

    #39: lol 'priestess'…. goths… -_-

  • Shawn

    #20 Awesome!

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