A new species of douche has been discovered in Denmark: Mutant Douchebags (41 photos)

  • Zey

    We’re all doomed.

    • CunningLinguist

      @ #10, that belt aint helpin’ ya shamu. free it before you kill it!

  • flenin

    stop being so sweaty… just stop it

    • Anonymous

      it’s as if they haven’t heard of air conditioning. i hope they all apply and reapply their deodorant…

  • Black

    Jesus, make it stop!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think pic 11 might contain the worst nip-slip of all time…

    • ChrisDG74

      I had to stop scrolling at that point. The sudden urge to hurl my Cinnamon Toast Church was just too strong to hold down.

      • ChrisDG74

        *Crunch, not Church.

        • McBeastie

          If any religion could convert me from atheism, it might be the Church of Cinnamon Toast.

          • C


  • goposaur

    #25 = “he likes the moon”

    • Anonymous


      What a filthy, nasty, disgusting place!

  • tommybhoy

    #15…snorting charlie fail

    There is a high percentage of swamp monsters and gay looking douches in this post

  • tie-ra

    Those are some mutants.

  • giraffe

    it’s like new jersey fucked a european, special-ed frat house and someone is feeding them ecstasy… it’s just so awful.

  • Furthy

    I kind of feel sorry for them.

  • bigslippy

    dkbn has to start getting some better models


    What a bunch of fools.
    I’m fairly confident that I could single handedly take control of their country with in minutes of arriving there.

  • keithp420

    Remind me, never, ever, ever to go to Denmark…

    • BruneKager

      I live in Denmark and have never seen these people. Well maybe the 14 pinter but, hey, we have all seen her — the next morning next to us snoring like a shetland pony with rabies. She is everywhere. She is there to pounce once we pass the threshold that lies close to alcohol poisining but not quite. Sometimes alcohol poisining doesn’t come soon enough.


    Guess I should have cleared that column..I’m not from Fort Wayne….

  • russia

    does this club only let ugly people in.

    • Anonymous

      No shit,is this were ugly people go to meet other ugly people? “Club Ugly” tm

      • Anonymous

        “Clugly – the club for the ugly”

  • Brandon

    Evidently, Denmark is the exception to the otherwise well-accepted acknowledgment that most Scandinavian people are attractive…

    • Cecilie

      uhm go fuck yourself?! you're pretty stupid if you think that everyone in denmark looks like that..

  • elvis

    all those people are sofa king we todd did. they all need their junk clipped so they cannot reproduce.

  • Anonymous

    lol #15. cocaine much?

    • Greg

      Haha. I noticed that also

  • Equalizer

    It’s a waste of time to make a comment…

  • Anonymous

    lol they *weren’t* too bad then 25 onwards ….

  • fasterthanu


    • fasterthanu

      lol @ the homo giving me a thumbs down.

  • Bowerpower

    Damn! Pic 29, 35, 37, 38 have been circling danish website for about a year now. DKBN is a website that collects photos from danish night clubs every weekend and then post them on their site. It’s always good for a laugh since there’s a lot of douches here in DK, and they’re all craving to be photographed.

    • HellHathNoFury

      It’s okay, we’re all here for you if you need to talk about it. Horrible things happen to all of us.

  • Benni

    Okay not to get too defensive here…….. you know when you go visit any Miami nightclub there is Guidos, well this is kinda Denmarks version of Guidos and Guidettes! Luckily for me, these kinda douchebags usually resides in the suburbs of Denmark… which is kinda similar to New Jersey (minus a crappy basketball team and the smell of rotten eggs….it’s more of a cow dung kinda smell).

    This is what you get when you let kids buy alcohol at the age of 16!

    Got a good laugh out of it, though!!

  • poppajo8

    I’m pretty sure if it is ever determined that aliens landed on this planet and bred with earthlings, Denmark is where they landed and these are their offspring.

  • Anonymous

    dude in pic #15 has coke in his nose,right? He definitely has some whit powdery substance up his nasal hole that’s for sure……

  • Me

    I think there is smoke coming out of her crotch in pic #21

    • xnun

      I saw that too!!

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