• hope


  • Equalizer

    “I don’t usually drink beer but when I do… I talk non sense….”

  • bowhuntpa

    Here Here!

  • buzzkillington

    buzzkillington here:

    Actually, your brain cells all possess the same genetic code, so unlike the herd of buffalo, they would all be the same unless some error occurred during some specific cell’s development. Assuming that this happened, alcohol, unlike a hunter, is indiscriminate and would in reality damage whichever cells it happened to come into contact with. In fact, stronger cells which possess more receptors in their synaptic cleft regions would be susceptible to the inhibiting effects of alcohol.

    • Killbuzzkillington

      ^^^^^ Hopefully this will secure the spot for the most douchebag statement of my week.. Because I cant stand for much more than that

    • HellHathNoFury

      How can you be right and so, so horribly wrong at the same time?

    • rockstar323

      Dude. This is the internet logic doesn’t exist here.

    • Ryan

      “Deep Sigh”

    • top dog

      And thats why they call you “buzzkillington”, I had a good one until I read your post, now I’am just mad.

      • Gordon of Hesselink

        Thanks, u ruined my morning

        • wild bill

          Ill drink to that

  • aosux

    Hey, as long as I can remember…what was I saying?

  • fasterthanu

    That guy got a hell of a funny voice

  • Kitty

    Is it wrong that I find this totally awesome?

  • Hubble

    And theChive stays awesome.

  • top dog

    I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, it taste like shit. So I spit it out and get a wiskey instead…. neat.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know about wiskey, but Whisky is just distilled beer

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