Daily Afternoon Randomness (42 Photos)

  • floscar

    # 42….Face, STAT!

  • Leif Erikson

    #34 I don’t know who she is but she looks like jailbait.
    nevermind her look at that awesome freddy poster in the background

    • theStdg

      I know who she is, it ‘s the boy from #33!

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone. I’m #42, can’t believe one of my pics got posted! Sorry for the face getting cut out, I don’t want someone from work to see them. Anyway, thanks for the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • HellHathNoFury

      I’m not jealous at all!*

      *this may not actually be true

    • Hittin' it

      #42, if that is your real name, thanks for being so hot! Nicely done!

    • kp

      Great body!!!!…..almost on par with HHNF’s “beaver shot” ๐Ÿ™‚

      • mj

        ok this is the second time I’ve heard HHNF’s “beavershot” and now I HAVE to see this.

        • Steven C.

          Yeah Ok I guess, probably no ass tho.

          • Heather

            Actually my ass is what I first sent pics in of and John suggested making a sign. I sent in like 20 pics and this one made it on here…. Maybe you will see more in a later album, who knows ๐Ÿ™‚ but I guarantee you, that’s a real sign and I’m a real 26 year old woman leading a very normal life in Indiana. I guess you all will believe what you want to believe, I’m just stoked one of my pics made it up!!

  • fourTWOzero

    Suprisingly the MIT cheerleaders look exactly as I pictured them in my head…pretty bland and boring

    • forge

      Still hotter than much of anything you’ve ever touched and WAY smarter too = )

  • kikiklass

    #15 now where’s the exit again????????

    #22 i swear it wasn’t me………….at least not all of it

  • Hittin' it

    #38 should have played Wii fitness instead. She kinda has the look of addict that doesn’t take care herself, which is unfortunate. #20 ouch- I bet it was game ovaries for that girl getting kicked.

  • Lindsay

    Remember back when there was Daily Morning Randomness?

    Also, how is this DAILY when it’s not posted on weekends?

    • Hubble

      Morning Randomness was good stuff.

  • Anonymous

    16 is a great photobomb

  • Phreaky

    Impressive that a few are responding possibly to what I said about how many girls MS Paint on a picture to pretend like it’s really them and send it to Chive instead of making a sign IN THE PICTURE, a couple here did that – but notice they won’t show their faces?
    Pretty much proves the majority that just MS Paint a picture aren’t real – they just use pics they find on the internet.

  • RazorX

    who is the second girl, the one with that amazing ass, in #18?? Anyone?

  • 100window

    Why does David Beckham have Keanu Reeves legs?!!!

  • Bruno420

    Never saw a #14 being so greater than a #13 in my life.

  • Michael

    #28: Yes, nice laptop – this helped my monday…

  • Anonymous

    People need to start shopping #36

  • T"im Posta

    MIT cheerleaders, rubbish, number 34 DAMN

  • forge

    #28 c’mon Chive, we all know you cropped some VERY interesting pixels out of that image, so let’s see the rest now.

  • Ettienne

    #5 makes me embarresed to say I am a South African. I F*CKING HATE VUVZELAS!!!!

    #6 a Diamond upside down is a p*ssy… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ettienne


    Queffing….. you're doing it right. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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