• aosux

    Two please!

  • tyler

    I’d hit it so hard, whoever could pull me out of it would be crowned the King of England

    • Tyler's Real Dad

      We should hit you hard for using that old line.

  • Anonymous

    thanks :)

  • HellHathNotWorthy

    The Chive overlords have heard our prayers and answered in our favor!

  • HellHathNoFury

    13, your holes need to be moved south.

    • northerner


      She is head-to-toes gorgeous. And pokies, too! My, my, my…

  • bowhuntpa

    my god……….

  • bigBLACKguy

    every black guy’s fantasy. white/blond girl with big boobs. #22 FTW.

    • Vitali

      WTF ! You mean “EVERY guys fantasy” !! Her body belongs to the wonders of nature.. The only wonders I really care..

  • mj


  • Equalizer

    My Fav is #22

  • Shoestring

    I was really hoping to get a Dell camera.

  • ROK

    jesus on a juicebox…

  • Chris

    So… that completely transparent top counts as clothing?😀 I thought you weren’t allowed to post nudity like that. Not that I have a problem with it, just seems a tad weird. First non-bodypainted nipplage I see in a post on chive so far.

    • tommy done

      weren’t allowed? this is the internet, man. more important, this is the chive. I don’t think these guys give much of a shit about rules that don’t exist.

      also, you’ve failed the gay test pretty hard

      • Chris

        The day I rely on chive for my porny needs will be a sad day indeed. It was just a simple query, no need to get all bent out of shape about it:) Seeing actual nudity after months of seeing tamer stuff was a jarring change.

    • Dude

      You sir, are a faggot…

  • ozzie

    I’d put it right in her butt…after I “try” to get HHNf….that is all.

  • mikethecrapenter

    22 has a bit of nip?

  • top dog

    Damn! theres two of em!!!!!. One word, bend over. Thats two words ain’t it? I’ll nail em both, at the same time.

  • Right Boob

    Where is it in #1?

  • Mondays

    Even condom poopers can appreciate this

  • Anonymous

    *last breathe* she has a sister…

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  • Markkens

    A high edibility index.

  • spook01

    that couch in #19 would have some love stains after I am done with her…

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  • Billy Blunts

    i didnt see anything new! whers the tits and a$$

  • NewPort

    very hot

  • Josh

    Fuckabilty Ranking – 13 out of 13

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