Ya’ll wanted more Joana Krupa. Done (26 Photos)

Last Friday one of our awesome users sent in the photo below. I received a lot of emails over the weekend requesting MOAR. And since you can never get enough Krupa, I'm happy to oblige.

For all of you NOT at work right now, click here. Oh, and you’re welcome.

  • aosux

    Two please!

  • tyler

    I’d hit it so hard, whoever could pull me out of it would be crowned the King of England

    • Tyler's Real Dad

      We should hit you hard for using that old line.

  • Anonymous

    thanks 🙂

  • HellHathNotWorthy

    The Chive overlords have heard our prayers and answered in our favor!

  • HellHathNoFury

    13, your holes need to be moved south.

    • northerner


      She is head-to-toes gorgeous. And pokies, too! My, my, my…

  • bowhuntpa

    my god……….

  • bigBLACKguy

    every black guy’s fantasy. white/blond girl with big boobs. #22 FTW.

    • Vitali

      WTF ! You mean “EVERY guys fantasy” !! Her body belongs to the wonders of nature.. The only wonders I really care..

  • mj


  • Equalizer

    My Fav is #22

  • Shoestring

    I was really hoping to get a Dell camera.

  • ROK

    jesus on a juicebox…

  • Chris

    So… that completely transparent top counts as clothing? 😀 I thought you weren’t allowed to post nudity like that. Not that I have a problem with it, just seems a tad weird. First non-bodypainted nipplage I see in a post on chive so far.

    • tommy done

      weren’t allowed? this is the internet, man. more important, this is the chive. I don’t think these guys give much of a shit about rules that don’t exist.

      also, you’ve failed the gay test pretty hard

      • Chris

        The day I rely on chive for my porny needs will be a sad day indeed. It was just a simple query, no need to get all bent out of shape about it 🙂 Seeing actual nudity after months of seeing tamer stuff was a jarring change.

    • Dude

      You sir, are a faggot…

  • ozzie

    I’d put it right in her butt…after I “try” to get HHNf….that is all.

  • mikethecrapenter

    22 has a bit of nip?

  • top dog

    Damn! theres two of em!!!!!. One word, bend over. Thats two words ain’t it? I’ll nail em both, at the same time.

  • Right Boob

    Where is it in #1?

  • Mondays

    Even condom poopers can appreciate this

  • Anonymous

    *last breathe* she has a sister…

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  • Markkens

    A high edibility index.

  • spook01

    that couch in #19 would have some love stains after I am done with her…

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  • Billy Blunts

    i didnt see anything new! whers the tits and a$$

  • NewPort

    very hot

  • Josh

    Fuckabilty Ranking – 13 out of 13

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