Amanda Mackay, gamer geek extraodinaire. Chiveworthy? (21 Photos)

Amanda Mackay was born in Canada, America's attic, and found success there as a host for MTV Canada. But it was her prowess as an expert in video game journalist that propelled Mackay into the gamer spotlight, hosting Pulse on G4techTV. She bounces all over Spike TV these days and writes popular gaming columns for SOAK Magazine. Stylecaster recently named her the #2 Hottest Woman in Tech behind Jade Raymond (Jade's CHIVE pictorial here). What say you, Chivers? Is #2 a bit lofty or spot on? Your opinion is all that matters.

  • usarules

    shes got a manly chin

  • texwatson

    I’d do an army crawl to that baby cave.

  • sd

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  • Lokiluck

    she looks severely full of her self, but she’s pretty hot i guess. she has a “i used to be a man” look about her in #1, 2 and 18 though.

  • filmriss

    am i the only one here that thinks jess chobot should be #1?

  • MichaelGS

    she has tits, a vagina, and is prepared to pose with stormtroopers, shes almost over qualified to be chive worthy – we’re not that fussy

  • Zeus

    I’d love to play a little one on one with #15…oh the possibilities…

  • bananafanna

    Now let’s imagine her sitting on the toilet taking a crap.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…what is up with you people.

  • Bananafofanna

    Man #20!

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, I'll be happy when this whole "nerd chick" phase passes. Does anyone believe for one minute that SJU is really a nerd?? Or this chick?? Come on – it's marketing.

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