Amanda Mackay, gamer geek extraodinaire. Chiveworthy? (21 Photos)

Amanda Mackay was born in Canada, America's attic, and found success there as a host for MTV Canada. But it was her prowess as an expert in video game journalist that propelled Mackay into the gamer spotlight, hosting Pulse on G4techTV. She bounces all over Spike TV these days and writes popular gaming columns for SOAK Magazine. Stylecaster recently named her the #2 Hottest Woman in Tech behind Jade Raymond (Jade's CHIVE pictorial here). What say you, Chivers? Is #2 a bit lofty or spot on? Your opinion is all that matters.

  • Chris

    #22 is hoooooot. And #12 is a close second 😀

    • Your Friggin Daddy

      Oh no! 18 is where it is at! Wowser!

      • Anonymous

        Her bewbs look shopped in 18

        • unfairrobot

          I can tell from some of the nipples, and from having seen quite a few bewbs in my time.

    • Jake

      there is no #22 it only goes up to 21

  • jason

    thumb me up for hot, down for not

  • parker

    I think she’s hot. Not really super-hot but I’m a gamer and a fan. She’s not dumb which gives her some street credit. Keep in mind our pathetic gamer fantasy includes having a girl like this beat our ass in COD then have short, awkward sex with us.

  • toilet paper

    I’d give her turd head while she’s pooping it out

    • Anonymous

      omfg that is pricelessly classic im putting that as my next status on facebook thank you for being funny

  • Rusty

    Meh. She’s a ginger, man. The professional shots are great, but the pros could probably make even HHNF a hottie with enough editing. Speaking of which, how about theChive putting together a photo shoot for HellHathNoFury? You guys must be bringing in tons of advertising revenue nowadays…how about flying the gal out and putting together a professional shoot/editing session and posting the results?

    • fourtwenty

      dude, you need a girlfriend. richard pryor——–>

    • HellHathNoFotoshoot

      Dude. If I were half as hot as this chick, The Chive would be banging on my door without prompting. Just…no.
      This woman is beautiful. I love 21.

      • DoubleOhSeven

        21 is nice and all, but 16 is the kind of pic that every girl should take. The look, the outfit…this pic absolutely does it for me.

  • ydw505

    whatever they’re playing i’m in

  • top dog

    I don’t play video games, cause when I come across a nice looking woman I’am dead serious. Say she like to play with joy sticks huh? well, I can accommodate her….if she like. I’ve seen the competition…somebody dropped the ball.

  • hmmmmm

    oh the things i’d eat out of her asss….

    • ydw505

      as far as i know there is only one thing coming out from there yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk
      you sick man

  • GAboy

    Much hotter as a brunette.

  • aosux

    She can be gorgeous but it is hit or miss. Don’t get me wqrong, I’d hit it on her worst day but she’s no award winner.

  • NTFW

    add me on PSN you skank!! and 18 looks like my real doll… sweeeeeeet mother.

  • rockstar323

    Last one is Olivia Munn.

  • Anonymous

    no thanks (disgusted face)

  • keithp420

    chiveworthy?? with some of the woofs you put on here, you dare ask this question of this hottie gamer?? you sir just cost me my buzz from lunch with my anger…

  • powersticks

    Hot but I like Jade better.

  • tyra

    In order for me to make a fair assessment of her total hotness, I ‘d have to be on top of her with her ankles behind her ears, and full penetration with her screaming for moar!

    • top dog

      What are you, a tranny or something?

  • Equalizer

    Woman should stay in the kitchen not in the living room playing games. That’s our job.

    • fourtwenty

      damn thats fucked up. you really treat your women like that? thats kinda dumb. im guessing you have a self vacuuming carpet? maybe a hose extension? when im gaming and eating chips i tend to make a mess. how is my ladyfriend supposed to clean up when she’s all the way in the kitchen? you must teach me. eddie murphy——–>

  • Langy

    She looks like a different person in each picture. Is she a shape shifter?

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    Gordon Approves

  • Sauru

    thanks for 18

  • Albert Einstein

    Simply put, #18 is outstanding.

    • HldOnHittinABowl

      18 is definetly the winner. She looks much better with her hair black. And just having a shirt and nothing else on also helps 😉

  • McBeastie

    Chiveworthy? Like you guys have standards……ha.

  • Anonymous

    but her face…:(

  • Vern

    Comparing her pictorial to Jade’s, she’s (IMHO) hotter and way nastier… #12 is outstanding and #3 is just sexy. —————> your mom

  • fane reactor

    ….but her face:(

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