• linny

    that is freaking awesome

  • parker

    he’ll pay for this

  • GEO

    nobody in North Korea will ever see it

  • Kim Jong Ill

    I see you! No rice ration for a month!

  • paul

    in north korea, they won the game 6-0

  • kim

    insert hans brix comment

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  • Mr Mobius

    What are the chances that North Korea will win the World Cup according to North Korean media after?

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  • Timothy

    You see, the North Koreans are already training another Football team.. The others will be promptly executed as soon as they go back home.

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  • dt520

    I’d totally play for the soccer team if I lived in North Korea. As soon as I got to the world cup I’d buy a ticket the hell out of there.

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  • dasq

    are they alive?

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