Hard to believe these people actually existed (30 Photos)

They might as well be dinosaurs as far as my brain can comprehend.

  • Anonymous


    • BANNA

      Jesus christ you are fcuking sad.

  • Anonymous

    I am pretty sure a few of those are from when they use to pose the dead and take photos.

  • Anonymous

    Those bottles on #29 would be worth a lot now just for being old. I imagine the post was supposed to be titled ” Hard to believe THESE people actually existed”

    • Anonymous

      They accidentally a whole page of pictures.

  • unfairrobot

    Hard to believe people existed?? I’ve SEEN them!

    • ydw505

      man you way too old for this thing

  • Anonymous

    True, not only that, but there are more stupid looking people in the present and worst of all…..in living color.

  • Anonymous

    It is surreal there are women outside the kitchen

  • Anonymous

    # 3 is hot, I’d play her game……..

  • Phreaky

    *Thoroughly confused*
    #4? And why does the fish in #30 have numbers on it?

    • BBAmp

      There’s nothing to be confused about. Back then they had weird people for circus freak shows. The bearded lady was probably one of them. If you haven’t noticed there are women today with mustaches and facial hair. They just hide it very well.

      As for #30 they aren’t numbers, it’s just the way the scales look.

      • LOL

        The bearded “lady” was frequently a cross-dressed man. Some conjoined twin acts were people with their clothes sewn together. The most comical one of these gaffes I’ve ever seen was a black man “conjoined” with an woman who was whiter than a sheet of copy paper. I’m sure they were playing on the taboo. 😛

        I want to ride an Ostrich, an alligator, a gladiator & a cow. 😀 Damn PETA people screwing with our fun anyhow…well…not for the gladiator…I just want to ride one of them…but alrighty then…lol

  • top dog

    Yes I would say that “people existed” back then. If there were no them, there would be no us. However, #26 was probably about as fine as it got. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

    • BBAmp

      No, man. #17 was as good as it got hands down.

  • BBAmp

    #22 is fake.

    • kikiklass

      hilarious though, drinking straight from the cow as you ride it, haha

  • blublu

    whoa the good old days!!

  • Equalizer

    #9 – First-ever Camping Trailer

  • KK

    Diablo chick is awesome beyond belief.

  • garp

    …reviewing this library of photos has brought on a severe case of the vapours

  • ROFLCentral.com

    #29 – I’m gonna get wwaaaasssteddddd tonight!

  • Kevin

    The fat girl, second from the left, in number 2 is Fatty Arbuckle in drag.

  • Ostrich Rider

    They see me rollin, they hatin

  • smithey

    funny… they had to pose for like a minute for these stupid ass pictures

  • Edsky

    #17 Sharon Boyle in a previous life???

  • HonestEd

    100 years from now,they will wonder why we thought stuff on the Chive was funny.

    • Da Cuntstabber

      NICE PIC!

  • Mattt1986

    #17, I'd hit it. With a baseball bat…

  • So. Cal

    The funny thing is, someone out there looking at these awesome picts is related to one of them.

  • clickhere


    obvious troll is obvious

  • Hey you, Yeah you...

    DAR in 1905???

  • wtsy

    find her she was hot

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