The Mercedes Arrow: the future of cars (4 Photos)

According to Designer Felipe Palermo, by 2050 we’ll only be driving ourselves around on the weekends for occasional joy rides, while our transportation needs will be handled by suspended rail systems. The Mercedes Arrow wheels are actually secured to the roadway with magnets which will help eliminate the chance of off-road crashes and rollovers.

  • Dub

    First……..but wtf no pics or nothin.

  • Equalizer


  • giraffe

    fuckin magnet cars… how do they work??

  • top dog

    Exactly what am I suppose to like??

  • Bob

    Picture upload, TAKE TWO!!!

  • someguy

    if that’s the future, I hope I won’t be alive when it begins.. *grabs a cigarette and orders 2 Pizzas*

  • bob

    the only acceptable future where these cars exist, is a matrix future where my mind is comfortably existing in a fake world of today.

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