These gifs just jumped up a notch

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  • ydw505

    i don’t know how #10 suppose to make me laugh

    • BBamp

      Cause the frog got owned by a PLANT. Seriously what kind of vertebrate gets eaten by a PLANT?

      • ydw505

        frogs obviously 😦

        • CunningLinguist

          holy shit, wtf is up with #6? lol

  • Admiral Ackbar

    #10? It’s a trap!!

    • Huh

      A little late for that.

  • fasterthanu

    Kobe Byrant looks either completely focussed on the game or just had a stroke

    • stefanhartman

      or just really hates Chris Rock…

    • Bruiser

      Somebody really needs to shop, dueche Kobe with sad Keanu. That would be funny.

  • bowhuntpa

    everything i hate about soccer in #11

    • Sauru

      this is exactly what i was gonna say. Unfortunately this style of play has invaded the NBA now too

      • George

        Yeah, the act of falling to the ground in unbearable pain when your pinky finger gets hit by the ball does make it difficult to take these guys seriously. Especially when you consider a defenseman for the Blackhawks got 6 teeth knocked out, and was back on the ice later that game.

        • P-90

          We in England (The home of football) find this kind of behaviour disgusting and it’s a true rarity to see an English player dive. (Although if my multi-million pound career was dependent on me being completly healthy I think I’d stay down even when slightly injured) There was a goalkeeper (I think) in England a few years back who contiuned paying with a broken neck, his head was bobbing about like his neck was rubber.

          • USA

            Yeah, how about those English goalkeepers, eh?

          • creepsareforkeeps

            You have to go back to 1956 to get an example of tough football players? The keeper you are refering to is German, Bert Trautmann is his name. He played for Manchester City in a cup final with a broken bone in his neck, his spine wasn’t broken like that bitch in “Death Becomes Her”. His head was not bobbing about.
            Steven Gerrard is a diver, just like Rivaldo. Rivaldo was an animal player and this is how he will always be remembered, a duirty cheat.

            Seeing as you in “The Home of Football” are pretty shit at actually playing it, you would think you would brush up on you history of the sport. England WAS merely the birth place of football. “It’s coming home”, me hole.

    • SreyaNotfilc

      Reminds me of the great Mighty Ducks motto.

      “Take the fall. Act hurt. Get indignant!”

    • Nicnac

      someone pull up a video of every game Manflop Genobli has played for the Spurs… he makes this guy look like RAMBO.

  • Horse

    True…but I think this guy failed in the acting lessons that are mandatory in soccer!

  • Equalizer

    This are all good ones.

  • Bruno420

    Nice landing in #7! I would do that too if I had that much Impact-Tolerant Body Structure of hers.
    What actually happened in #5? A mine?

    • Anonomotopus

      I believe it was an IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

    • Robbo

      Didn’t you see the giant kitty jumping out?

      • Bruno420

        Didn’t know IED’s. Makes sense, because building a friggin road on top of a land-mine would be kinda risky, in the first place. lol

        OMG. Thought the cat was shopped. 😮

      • Ash Ketchum

        It should really be a Diglett

        • Bruno420

          True. A diglett… or maybe a Graboid. (But no Kevin Bacon)

      • Hubble

        It’s Longcat, folks. Read up on thy memes.

  • joelinsanclemente

    #4 makes sense. Obi-wan is a Scot.

    • fasterthanu

      Well spotted 😀

  • Vern

    NBA is way worse than soccer. Arrogant, overpaid ego-maniacs that flip out every single play and every time they score. Pro basketball has become boring as hell to watch.

    • George

      Actually that sounds exactly like soccer everywhere except the US. Maybe that’s why we don’t get into soccer here, we already have enough of the diving/whining with the NBA.

    • Nateb123

      “Pro basketball has always been boring as hell to watch.”

      There, fixed it for you.

  • Anonymous

    Contrary to popular belief, Guile’s theme does NOT make anything better.

  • Insert Name Here

    Nine was hilarious!

  • HellHathNoFroggy

    Don’t just stand there taping! Open that damned plant up!

    • aosux

      Whoa, whoa. You can’t just go around spoiling natures dinner.

  • Anonymous

    long cat strikes again

  • Rummy


  • Anonymous

    no:11 referee showed red card to the player who kick the ball

    • MichaelGS

      and Karma has bitten Brazil in the ass now, with Kaka getting sent off for someone diving 😀


  • dt520

    #10 is pretty funny, I don’t even know if it can consume a whole frog…

  • Anonymous

    Gifs like #11 make the World Cup hard to take seriously.

    However, whatever year the US wins, I’ll jump on the boat.

  • Curious

    what kind of plant is number 10?

    • Bruno420

      The frog-eating kind.

    • people suck

      It’s a venus fly trap. Usually only eats insects.

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  • StompedCarp

    Soccer is for fags. Players do that all the time. If an American pro football player tried that crap his own team would pummel him.

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