• HellHathNoFirst

    Bwahahaha! My bunny does the same thing! I’ve had to start putting a blanket by the bed so she won’t kill herself.

    • Tim

      You have a bunny? Dude, your so gay

  • Anonymous

    i like to carress the bones of vengeance before the sleep too soon!! know I mean?? it’s mean i no but it to work rite???

    conder the elemante oF surprais if it was durl/// because wen i movd hear i could not tell if i2 not wanting// see noww???

    fthe regime is ENDLESS if it counts for de keys i think

    good to b or the not?

    • HellHathNoFury

      That’s what I told them, they didn’t believe me.

  • ydw505

    Jerry your reverse psychology technique is working
    good job

  • Anonymous

    Sentience fail.

  • rockstar323

    SWEET!!!! Betty White has a new sitcom.

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