Daily Afternoon Randomness (31 Photos)

  • Slim


    • Slim

      Why all the hate on my first?! Now I wish I was last…

      • workin_donkey

        We all wish you were last…or better yet, never at all.

      • Anon

        I’m sure your mother cares very much

    • Gordon of Hesselink


    • Royale_with_Cheese

      It would have been funnier if you would have said,
      First! I chose the first one in #31
      But, you didn’t and now you seem like an attention whore. Congratulations you pretentious ass.

      • SpatulaAssassin

        Honestly, just how hard is it to ignore the idiots who say “FIRST!”?
        Do you not think they fully expect the comment-based shitstorm headed their way? And do you think they care?
        The people who spout the ‘big man’ talk at them actually come across as the immature, attention seeking ones.

    • Raymond

      Because nobody likes it when someone just says “First” and then nothing else. If you actually said something meaningful, that might have been a different story.

      • Slim

        Awwwww. See, chivers do care!

        • ROFLCentral.com

          Yes, but about the principle of a proper “first”, not about you.

  • Anonymous

    good stuff………

  • Cynikill

    Not first…But in a meeting so bleeding time right now.

  • Wierd Al

    #24 has so many possiblities

    #26 reminds me I have to wash my truck

    • Anonymous

      who is 26? She looks familiar

      • Anonymous

        ‘Hometown Holly’…….don’t you worry about how I know that!

        • forge

          My, now that is a seriously legendary ass.

  • Stogie


    • RoCkEt

      FAIL!!!! you tried though!!!!hhahahahaha

  • Fifth!


    Chevy Chase—>

    • isawoj

      ^^^^ Haha, loser!

      Chris Farley —————————————————>>>

    • HellHathNoFury

      Of vodka? Sure, thanks!

  • tosha

    #31 – it’s just not fair, at least one should be ugly

    • ChrisDG74

      I wouldn’t choose. All 3 , repeatedly. Stack’em up/line’em up.

    • Flicka

      They aren't all the same girl?

  • MacheteJack


  • Anonymous

    Really enjoyed #1 an #22 pretty much made my afternoon

    • workin_donkey

      22 looks shopped. I know these things…

      • Mark

        Your argument is invalid, cause there is a dancing sheep.

  • flenin

    i can honestly i was not expecting that in 27

  • Northman

    #31: WANT!


    #31- How did you get in my bedroom???

  • chiver

    #31 2 ftw

  • MPMoore

    #22 … Should I hate myself for laughing… out loud… for a lengthy amount of time? No? Good. Pardon me while I continue laughing.

    • yep

      Now lets make one where a bunch of white guys are running away from the hospital after realizing the kids their wives just birthed were fathered by the black guys.

  • paker stevens

    ok, on #31 I’m going with #3

    She’s probably not the hottest in the group but it looks like she wants it. sometimes you can just tell. And the DSL’s.

    • Devlin

      ok, on #31 I’m going with all three

      It would be better that way

      • radiodial

        3 girls, neked, under the covers together, what makes you think they want or need you?? They probably want HHNF!!!

  • saraheleanor17

    Just love #22

  • SaintxXxAsh

    It’s just about hot enough here to start washing the car sans shirt.

    • robinson

      you’re not looking too bad yourself

      • tyler

        couldn’t help but notice you have three x’s in your name

        • SaintxXxAsh

          How very observant of you.

      • Mark

        Avatar Win

  • Equalizer

    I picked girl #1

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    #17….WAR EAGLE!!! awesome.

    • SteelPenguin

      #17 may be fine, but she sure ain’t smart. Those grills have wheels for a reason you know…..

      • LOL

        I’ve carried grills that way. I’m 5′ 10″. Doing with the wheels makes me hunch over. Easier to just shoulder it and get on down the road. 😉

        • LOL

          Doing *it* with the wheels makes me hunch over…um…never mind…I’ll just shhhhh & bite my tongue now.

      • forge

        I think all you goofy people “choosing” one from #31 are fricking silly. They’re triplets, you buffoons. Two are identical and one’s their sister from the same pregnancy. Barring one of them being an idiot or a religious freak or a Teabagger, (grin), there basically is no *need* to “choose.”

        • forge

          That was supposed to go somewhere else. But while I’m here, have you actually ever tried to wheel one of those grills? Those wheels truly redefine the word “pathetic.” If they don’t jam up they’ll skew and cause the grill to fly off the sidewalk and into the grass and while you’re also hauling a cooler that’s a major b*tch, and if they don’t do that, they’ll just fall off.

    • WarBeast

      war eagle indeed my good sir. our women know how to act.

    • AUBIE


  • Anonymous

    #31 number 2 for sure… just look at that stare

  • sloppybitchlover

    #31: 2 for sure

    • The Dude With No Name

      31 #1

  • nocturnesthesia

    Whoever did #3 forgot to Photoshop the reflection 😥

    Girls in #31 all look way too much like the Olsens for my taste. But on the other hand, there ARE 3 of them…

    #14 = Purest of Wins

  • HellHathNoGiraffe

    Riding giraffes can take away emotional malarkey? Why didn’t you tell me before I left Uganda?!

    • LOL

      Ma’am I do believe you are having entirely TOO MUCH fun messing around with your screen name & location. 😉 Chive on. 😛 LOL

  • Pres Obama

    #22 – That shit ain’t funny, I’m livin’ it!

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