Her name is Jenn Sterger…that is all (20 Photos)

This former Florida State grad was discovered at a college Football game as just being way hotter than every other woman. She soon became a model, a television personality, and a former online columnist for Sports Illustrated. In August 2008, the New York Jets hired her to be the “Gameday” Host. More importantly, I think she is awesome.

  • Matt

    #4 — J!E!T!S! JETS! JETS! JETS!!!!

  • olis

    she works at Versus now and LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS the blackhawks…….just like we all should

  • Jim

    Yeah, it’s nice and everything, just still not on board with fake tits.

    What a let-down. Would still totally smash it to pieces tho…………

  • Anonymous

    She is hot. Why do all the dudes living in their mother’s basements always hate

  • pookie

    internets never cease to amaze me. Can pick apart one of the hottest women this world has produced like they’re too good for her. Bull shit.

  • Aiyowei

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  • texwatson

    it’s not that people hate, but come on she is a dime a dozen. really not that hot.
    could i get her? doubt it but don’t care
    would i hit it? of course

    but again nothing special here at all

  • amanda

    Enough with all the "that is all" bullshit!!! If that's all then stop writing. I'm pretty sure anyone reading will be able to infer that you're not planning a continuation.

    She is hot though.

    • amanda

      ………that is all.

    • Lali

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  • oegfeg

    i want to meet this chick what is her e-mail facebook or something???? 😀

  • Elric

    This girl makes me stutter. She’s smoking hot!!

    • Playa

      I’d definitely hit that…oh yeah, all night long…

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  • Kevrobmc

    Chicks don't even need to be good looking, just have big boobs to get attention. Ou's need to aim higher!

  • hMMMM

    Got this in before the Brett Favre penis pics…way to go, Chive!

  • Kyle

    Sweet god of clevage…

  • Mike

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  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, she did have the tits knocked down a size or two….not sure if the new ones are implants but have to assume they would be or her originals would certainly hang to her belly button right?

  • boob

    U guys are idiots. She is fuckin hot and has huge tits. I would burry my face into her chest

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