Ok, Swedish subway system, you win (38 Photos)

I have to admit this blew me away...

  • The Truth Hurts!!!

    The reason it's so clean is because they don't have a majority of non-whites in major cities like they have in the good ole USA to destroy everything.

    Take a look at 95+% black Detroit compared to the mostly white suburbs. They ruined a once great city!

    • 100window

      the fact that this has 4 likes is not cool.

      • Anonymous

        its true is wat it is. if any city is a good example of it, its Detroilet

    • jesusfuckingchrist.

      seriously……take a social problems class… then you'll understand that it's whites that lead to the "ruined" urban areas of the US.

    • dan

      that is racist

  • Douch Nozzle

    First Bitches

    • workin_donkey

      You, sir, are aptly named.

  • hipporox

    I wish the subways in my city looked like that

  • 123 Roast HIm

    I love my Swedish heritage. Those subway stations are even better in person

  • right

    Very cool

  • tommybhoy

    okay, who let the art students out the cage?

    Am quite happy with my metro but this does look cool

    • uberbire forgot his password

      hmm and here I though Dubai Jebal Ali and Abu Dhabi were all connected via magic carpets directed by monkey’s with little hats…At least that’s what I immagined…I guess you learn something everyday

  • stafferty

    Those wide hallways must come in handy when the chefs have to chase run-away chickens with butcher knifes. BORK BORK BORK!

  • ydw505

    Tim Burton this is where u supposed to film Alice in wonderland 🙂 you didn’t need all that graphics

  • top dog

    Damn! they are clean ain’t they? I’ll give em that. The subway in New York got a long way to go to look like this. But then again, this one look like it don’t have a fraction of the traffic as the New York subway either, so I guess that makes a difference.

  • BIllyO

    Anyone else think Portal in #14?

  • KD

    More proof the the rest of the world is surpassing the United States..

  • aleXTC

    that wall in 31 is badass

  • Equalizer

    Sweden better than America

    • bighatmx

      I don’t think its better. The subway is better, but the wheather not… So, what i think is that the use of money and the correct relations between institutions is what makes the swedish subway a piece of ‘functonial social art’.

    • Kent

      US: Lands men on the moon and invents everything of importance, including the airplane, the laser, digital music, the internet, the personal computer etc..

      Sweden: Has decorated subways.

      You’re an idiot.

      • P-90

        Yeah lands men on the moon using pardoned nazi scientists, actual members of the SS who stole the majority of their early rocket work from a British scientist (I remember seeing an interview with the guy saying how pissed off he was about his work being used against his own country when the Germans started sending over the V1 and VB2 rockets). You in no way invented everything that’s important, most of the way we live in modern society is a direct result of British inventions. (Jet engines, first passenger plane, first subway, first pulic train network, first programmable computer, industrialisation, ground based radar etc) You even clain to have inveted the car when the Germans beats you by decades. What you have to realise when you read lists of inventions and firsts by each country is that America (Which I like by by way) has well over 300 million people and their great scientific projects employ people from a multitude of countries whereas Britain with only 60 million people punches far above it’s weight in scientific and military accomplishments, moreso than any other country for the last several centuries.

        • Kent

          You don’t know what you’re talking about. A handful of Germans were involved in the early years of NASA, but the vast majority of the novel science and raw engineering prowess was from Americans. People say the Nazis were responsible for the rocket technology, yet you ignore the Germans actually based their V-rocket designs on what Robert H. Goddard, an American, designed years earlier. Americans, not Europeans (definitely not Brits), invented liquid-fueled rocketry.

          The airplane was invented by Americans, not Brits. Saying Brits invented the first passenger plain is such a hilarious load of garbage, not only because it’s COMPLETELY WRONG, but because you’re creating your own little niche invention out of thin air ignoring the larger more important invention of human flight which was by Americans. The first digital, programmable compute was the ENIAC, American.

          The fact of the matter is that Americans have lead the world for the last 80 years or so and continue to in every area. The contributions the US has had to the human race is so profound that it negates all the crap you just said. The US mapped the cosmos with the Hubble telescope, discovering the multitude of galaxies when most astronomers including in your country, thought that our milky way galaxy was the entire universe. Every single appliance in the modern home was invented by Americans; the refrigerator, the television, the telephone (and mobile phones), the personal computer etc… The first people to harness electricity were Americans.

          It’s funny that Brits like you still cling on to delusions of the greatness of your country that is now not even relevant in the world except by your lapdog status with the US. We have slowed your descent from empire to 3rd world country, what little power and influence you have is owed to the US.

          Your country has never even put a human into space except when you hitched a ride with the US. What’s funny is that you regularly take credit for American inventions, like the internet. Your cosmologists all use data that they receive from NASA, but you claim it as your own. For instance Brits were recently bragging about discovering an extrasolar planet 50 light years away, yet they ignore that the data was given to them by NASA.

          • P-90

            Wow you are not just ignorant you are a out of your tiny little mind, you can’t stand to think that any other country has accomplishments. The Jet engine and the first jet passenger plane (Which lead to modern international travel) was British. The first programmable machine that we would call a computer was the Difference engine created in Britain. (Which still works) Ther telephone was created by the Italians. the refrigerator was Australian I believe. The British created the first moving images which lead to TV and movies, all you did was put it in a box and mass produce it. Th British empire was the largest ranging Empire ever, with influenvce in counties in every part of the world including the US who created their government and society based on the British model. If we are so pathetic then why is it that any time the US goes to battle it needs our help and the majority of wars you have fought without us you have lost. You missed the point of my previous post entirely, most large American scientific accomlishment since WW2 have been made by teams of scientists from all over the world. ‘The data was given to them by nasa’ big fucking deal, it’s well known historical fact that the US steal most of their ideas from other countries and just develop on what was already there. if you want to continue your zenophobic rants I can give examples if you’d like and also direct quotes from US armed forces personnel that have served with the British military from WW1 all the way to the present day that have nothing but admiration and respect for the British forces professionalism fighting ability (Including American generals)

            • Kent

              You’re a nutcase you call me xenophobic yet what are you acting like? You think you’re above reproach, that you’re special so you can call people xenophobic for essentially doing the exact same thing you’re doing. The difference is what I say is fact but you Brits take credit for shit you didn’t do.

              1) The airplane was invented by Americans. The first passenger airliner was not British, depending on how you interpret it it was either Russian or American. The jet engine was developed simultaneously by Frank Whittle, a Brit, and Hans Von Ohain, a German-American. The first high bypass turbofan engine (what all jetliners use today) was created by General Electric (American).
              2) The first programmable digital computer, i.e. the actual direct forerunner of computers we use today, was invented by Americans. It was called the ENIAC. The computer that you’re using right now does not operate in the same way that older computers did. The integrated circuit, the microprocessor, parallel programming, RAM, harddrives, solid state memory… all American inventions. You’re using either a Mac or a PC right now, both are American computer architectures.
              3) The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. He was born in Scotland so you might be able to take credit for his work by some stretch of the imagiantion, but he was a US citizen and did his work while in the US, under a US patent, with the help from a dozen Americans.
              4) The first refrigerator was invented by Oliver Evans, an American. The first mass-produced refrigerator also was built by General Electric, an American company.
              5) The US invented film, television, and electronic audio.
              6) The British empire WAS the largest empire, but that’s because you used your power to enslave a bunch of weak defenseless countries like India. The US would have conquered the entire world if we were imperialistic like you were. IF you had as much power as the US did at the end of WWII you would have reverted immediately to your imperialist tendencies. The reason you’re not an empire today is because of the US, so you’re bitter. If you look at countries that the US has enormous influence over and consider it to be part of an American empire, it would be way bigger than the former British Empire.
              7) LOL. The US did not create our country on the “British model”. It’s amazing how you Brits rewrite history to salvage your pride. The system that the US created and still has today was the antithesis to the British system of the day. You were an undemocratic monarchy when the US was created.
              8) The US doesn’t need you. The US has never lost a war without you. I’m sure you’ll say Vietnam, but the US didn’t lose that militarily, it was completely political. The US won originally but the public wanted to leave, so 2 years after the US was gone the Communist took over South Vietnam. Your country can’t even operate its military without help from the US. Iraq and Afghanistan both have provided ample evidence that you would be completely irrelevant as a military power without the US. Your military simply cannot operate to the same degree of professionalism that the US can. Your troops regularly have to get rescued and have their missions completed by Americans. Basrah in Iraq and Helmand in Afghanistan are proof of this.
              9) The US is the most innovative country on the planet. We invented everything of importance. IT as an industry is the foundation of modern economics. Apple, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, IBM, Google, Yahoo, Cisco, Oracle… all American companies.
              10) I know a lot of people in the military that think Brits are cowardly, pathetic forces. What’s funny is that your media never reports your failures that occurred in Iraq and are occurring in Afghanistan. Brits never leave their bases until Americans come to help them. British troops in Afghanistan are now under US command because you couldn’t be trusted with running Helmand.

          • P-90

            I’ll post this here because it won’t allow me to post under your last idiotic comment. You said Americans were the first to harness electricty ignoring these facts: William Gullert is known as ‘the father of electricty’. Michael Faraday created the electric motor and the electric generator. The electromagnet was created in Britain. The Lightbulb, Light switch and the first wave powered electricty generator were British inventions. But most importantly Sir William Perkins created the Steam Turbine which today provides 80 percent, yes that’s right 80 pecent of the modern worlds electricity.
            Just a few other world changing British inventions, dicoveries and Firsts:
            Colour photgorahpy, First motion picture camera, first movie projector, first successful colour motion picture proccess, first working television/first colour televison (Both by John Logie Baird). First modern computer EDSAC, invention of the microchip, the internal combustion engine (Samuel Brown), the jet engine (Sir Frank Whittle), the first pulblic rail system, the first subway system which was also the first to use electic trains. Radar (Arnold frederic Willisms who also created the IFF system, Maglev transport, The Thrust SSC was the first car to officially break the sound barrier, the hovercraft (James Caterell), the first submarine design (Although it was built by a Duthman), the periscope, the parachute, the world wide web, the modern police force, fingerprinting, DNA fingerprinting, Iris recognitiuon, dish washer, fire extinguisher, universal joint, the refrigerator (William Cullens), Viagra (You’re welcome), the modern flushing toilet, the first blood transfusion, general anaesthetics, invetro fertilisation, the first test-tube baby, the first cloned animal (Dolly), scuba gear/diving equipment, traffic lights, street lights, holography, tarmac, Evolution (Darwin), gas mask, first man made plastic, the sextant, carbonated softdrink, Sir Georg Caylet is the ‘father of aerodynamics and aviation’. Eletromagnetic theory, gravity and calcucus (Newton), seismometer, stainless steel, the tire, vulcanised rubber, univeral standard time (GMT), blastfurnace, hyperdermic needle, dicovery of insulin. Dicovery of penicillin, subatomic particles, infrared radiation. The first law of thermodynamics (James Prescott Joule), First to split the atom leading to modern nuclear power (Sir John Douglas Cockcraft), Ernest Rutherforf is the father of nuclear physics and discovered the Atom and the Proton. Sir Josiah John discovered the Electron, Sir James Chadwick dicovered the Nuetron and created the Mass spectrometer.
            Do you still maintain that the British have had no effect on modern life?

            • tl;dr

              TL; DR

  • MarkAssBuster

    Anyone notice the lack of Advertisements. Id rather look at this clean cool art & cave stuff then a billboard every 6 ft. like in NYC.

    • Per

      The thing is that since some stations have art installations instead of just “decor” it’s actually illegal to post advertisements there.

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    Try the Pyongyang one

  • ragnar82

    Im from stockholm and these pictures make the metro look way better than it is. First of all most of the actual trains are really old and it isnt even a real metro (the trains aren’t underground all the time). Not all stations look nice at all and the metro is a really dangerous place when it gets dark outside, because of the massive number of muslims who have moved here (5% of the population now, but most live near stockholm so it looks even worse). And sweden isn’t even that rich anymore, countries like norway and finland have gone past us a long time ago.

  • DooM

    Wait a few year and check it out… Shouldn’t be as good

    • Sir Awesome

      they already exist for a few years, i´ve been there about 4 years ago and remember #1 and i looked as clean as on the photos

  • Aiyowei

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    • Anonymous

      sod off nody

  • kitkat63376

    It’s true Detroit is a nasty, dirty, ugly city. I have never been in a subway but I’ll bet that subway is packed with people in the daytime! It’s beautiful…I wish I could go to Sweden and experience that subway!

  • Hell Yeah

    LSD HEAVEN . . .

  • The Truth Hurts!!!

    I think America could push towards even more greatness if we limited the amount of money we send to support countries that don’t even like us.
    Imagine what we could do if our tax dollars were spent internally as opposed to helping everyone else out.
    It would be nice to see these other countries be more self-reliant!
    Detroit is similar to many African nations, with corrupt Gov’t, high unemployment, horrible living conditions, high crime rates, murder rates that are out of control, high per capita AIDS statistics and a society that has no respect for the law..
    This is exactly what happens when you let blacks govern an area!
    Why are there so many similarities between Detroit and so many African nations?!!

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  • Former Soldier

    In reply to Kent, the US has overall command in Helmand because a more joined up management structure was needed.

    Whilst the US military has superb logistics and supply levels that we can only dream of, the US military does tend to make gaffs such sticking water towers in the middle of military camps – which tends to give the Taleban a nice co-ordinate for lining up their mortars. Whereas we have to account for every bloody bullet fired, the US soldier does not.

    And your troops get mobile Pizza Huts, wheras we have to live off foul tasting ration packs most of the time.

    But to be honest, most NATO forces, as well NZ and Aus, tend to have their strengths and weaknesses, but on the whole they’re much of a muchness as to their overall effectiveness. The UK and NZ tend to be the best trained, the US best equipped and if the Germans were deployed in sufficient numbers I’d imagine they’d be pretty effective too!

    And the first commercial passenger jet airliner was the Comet, which is British and is still used today as the body for the Nimrod surveillance aircraft. And the Internet was ‘invented’ by a British (more specifically Welsh) bloke working at CERN – where the Large Hadron Collidor is located. So sorry to burst some bubbles.

    • Kent

      What Brits like to do in order to compensate for their inferiority militarily to the US is make up gigantic lies and pretend that they have an edge in competence or skills when this is demonstrably false. The US is not just superior in logistics, equipment, and numbers but Americans are more combat proficiency pound-for-pound. Go ahead and google “Jugroom Fort”. Brits had 8000 troops in Helmand and couldn’t take a single fixed Taliban position, ended up mucking the whole thing up, killing their own troops, and then the US had to send in 3000 US Marines from another province in Afghanistan to save the Brits and complete their mission for them.

      Both Iraq and Afghanistan are clear evidence that Brits’ undeserved sense of superiority in military competence is just that, undeserved.

      And another thing, you Brits really need to quit taking credit for the invention of the internet. This is one of the most instances of history being rewritten that I’ve ever seen.

      The internet is the TCP/IP protocol, it is the technology that transmits data. It was invented by Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn, two Americans working for the US military. Two decades later Tim Berners-Lee, a Brit, created a system of code called the web. The internet and the web are not the same thing. The web is a system of code that does nothing but dictate page format. It’s an interface to a technology that already existed. You can use the internet without using the web, you cannot use the web without using the internet.

      The web is way, way less of an accomplishment and technological feat compared to the internet. The Americans that invented the internet were engineers and scientists, Tim Berners-Lee was just a code monkey. And the funny thing is that the web is a system of hypertext… which already existed, he just packaged it together.

      Saying Brits invented the internet would be like saying you designed and built a car when all you did was paint it red.

      • P-90

        The British military if the most professional and respected on the planet despite it’s relatively small size, in fact many modern military’s are based on the British structure. Here’s just a few British militay inventions: HESH and shrapnel ammunition, VTOL aircraft, the dreadnought battleship, cordite, H2S the first airborne ground scanning radar, safety fuse, percussion cap (Still used in all projectile ammunition), depth charge, aircraft carrier, steam powered cataputl (Used on AC), thrust vectoring, Gillie suit, first practical sonar, the tank and main battle tank, stun grenade, self-propelled torpedo etc.
        How does the US show it’s might overseas, it parks an aircraft carrier of the nearest coast. So aircraft carrier’s are a British invention as is the jet engine without which fighter jets and bomber would not exsts. There are two ways to operate from an AC, the use of VTOL aircraft (Harrier British) or coventional jet fighters which are shot off the flight deck using the British created steam catapult.
        Britain created the first modern special forces unit and all of the world’s modern special forces and anti-terrorist teams use tactics based on those pioneered by the British SAS. Some of these teams had direct imput when they were first put together. For instance Col. Charles Beckwith and American did some cross training with the SAS, he was so impressed he went back to America and created the Delta Force based almost directly on the training he went through with the British. In the first Gul war Saddam started sending Scud missile into Israel to provoke them, if they joined the war, the coaltition with other muslim countires (Where the allies were based) would have fallen apart. General Norman Schwartzkopf, the American in charge of the allies was intitially distrustful of special forces but after the war he personally told the SAS that they had changed his mind and that the reason the Israelis had stayed out of the war was because he had told them that the British SAS were in the desert hunting the scud launchers.
        I have a book called ‘Special Operation In Iraq’ which lists all the elite and spec op forces which took part in the 2003 Iraq conflict. Here is a quote from a navy seal who’s team was in joint ops with the British Royal Marine Commandos.
        ‘The RMC are fucking A-1 guy who know their shit and know who to fight, they are each worth ten guys, why they are not considered special forces is beyond me but in typical British understatement they are considered coventional forces’

  • goldeare

    the socialists sure have it rough, what can i say, thank god for republicans

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