The Hennessey Venom GT is for real (22 Photos)

With over 1,200 hp, and a top speed of 270 mph this car doesn’t come cheap. Lets just be honest, $1,000,000 will pay for this beauty. Worth it?

  • Anonymous

    not Lotus??

  • Anonymous

    Definitely began it’s life as one at least.

  • davie

    I would rather get a hooker in a limo for every week of my life instead.

    • nomad78

      you are the winner

    • tony

      wouldent we all… wouldent we all…

  • Anonymous

    why spend that money on a pumped up lotus with poor interiors (for 1 million of course), if you can spend a bit more and get a veyron?

    • doug

      Bragging right for the added 199HP. This car is also a lot lighter, imagine the downforce this would need to be grounded ad 400KPH+!

      • Tyler

        This is almost half the price of a veyron, and looks twice as good

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it used to be a Lotus. They modified it some though…Made it wider and longer.. and also put in a Corvette LS9 (the same as the ZR1) but also added Twin Turbos which gives about 1200HP…. nearly a 1:2 HP to lb ratio *O Face*

    • Nateb123

      You missed the worst part about the car. It is all of those things and….rear wheel drive. The Veyron has tons of weight pushing it into the ground and AWD to grip the road when it launches so it does 0-60 in 2.8 seconds I think. This has no weight, half the tires for grip and too much power. It’s less of a “car” and more of a “tire disintegrator”. Plus, for anyone wondering what the markup is on these cars Mr. Hennessey (known to be the most crooked tuner out there, google it) is making, here’s a rough estimate of costs:

      $40000 for a Lotus Exige, 30K for an LS9 crate motor, and we’ll lump all the other work and parts (like exhaust, transmission, turbo setup, custom chassis work) at 100-130K. So $200,000 is what goes into this car that doesn’t work. So the profit made is about 400% of the cost of the car. Now you get how much of a crook Hennessey is.

      • fedupalready

        Soooo, if someone volunteers to pay 400% markup, the guy who accepts the money is a crook?

  • top dog

    Thats a nice car. I don’t know if it’s worth the price, but it sure do look good, in any event, I couldn’t afford it. Now if somebody want to give me one I would damn sure take it. A car like that would get me all kinds of arm candy.

  • Equalizer

    I want one for my Birthday next month!!!

  • szvf

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  • aosux

    0-60 in HOT DAMN thats ugly

  • MattW

    I can’t wait till Top Gear review’s that.

  • tommybhoy

    This looks awsome!!!
    One has been delivered here this week……am sure i will bypass it wrapped round a lamp post on the 6 lane motorway from Dubai to Abu Dhabi soon

  • jozef

    how many suckers will rip off the lotus elise?

  • MichaelGS

    give me the lotus elise rather and ill keep the change. the interior on the original lotus’ are just as sparse but you would’ve thought they’d do something about that for a few grand.

    I drive past a Lotus & Ducati dealership every few days and my heart sinks a little that I dont own either 😦

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