Candice Swanepool in theCHIVE’s spanking new high-res gallery (25 HQ photos)

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    My bandwidth had been never destroyed with such a pleasure. Thanks

  • Augustine

    Where’s her ass? No under booty, ledge, pooch,… thing, whatsoever. What’s the right name for that? But regardless, gorgeous girl. I’m in love.

    And no annoying ads on the side. YAY!!

  • bob


  • Anonymous

    Celtics lost but this put me in a good mood again! Thanks Chive!

  • gfer4

    futterbace :/

  • dt520

    Yummy. Good way to start off a HQ gallery Chive.

  • yourface

    Tell her to eat a sandwich and grow an ass….

  • ydw505

    Candice you made my day…

  • mj

    she’s lovely! Oh to be long and lean….

  • Anonymous

    oh come on most of the asses your used to are probably photoshopped anyway. look at 15, also she looks like megan fox in that pic.

  • P-90

    Candace and Marisa Miller are my favourite models.

  • thetech2

    nice umm forehead forehead she’s trying too hard to look like that ugly fake skinny bitch from the transformer movies ,what was her name again ?she has no ass she needs to get it injected with ummm something

  • MaxSpain

    too skinny, no chest, no ass. I will respectfully pass.

  • floscar

    WOW, Chive you have made up for any wrong doings in the past. Also more please.

  • Sexiest Soccer Chicks |

    […] Or what about a New Candice Swanepoel Photoshoot? […]

  • chiver

    Thank You and More Please

  • aosux

    She is in my head, stealing my thoughts and I like it.

  • Equalizer

    I want MOAR Hi-res.

  • fourtwenty

    She has a funny looking face and no ass. i would hit it but she is no dime. 7 tops. chris farley———->

  • aleXTC

    man #22 and #24 are by far my favorites

  • Libertariandude

    It’s not Swanepool. It’s Swanepoel. That’s Afrikaner. A reason to forgive South Africa for the vuvuzelas.

  • shearer

    best page ever!!! keep it up chive

  • Halberd

    Ok there’s no way that lingerie is Vickie’s. Too damn sexy. Does anyone know what brand that is? I want to see my wife in some of this shit!

  • Teed

    In pic 4 it looks like shes wet herself

  • Smart

    Her face is a 5. Rest of body about an 8.5.

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