Dare I say “cool cop cars” (24 Photos)

  • Trainguy4449

    Barrington PD out by us has a fleet of specialty cruisers: 05 Corvette, 09 Prius, 09 Mustang, and an 09 BMW 3 series.

  • ydw505

    cops…a new specie of douchebags

  • saraheleanor17

    #1 #4 an #20 are the only cop cars I’d might actually wanna take a ride in

    • inismor

      take a ride in #20? I wanna cuddle it.

  • Trogdor

    wats so cool ’bout 8?

    • Rofl...

      The cool thing is that it says: State Pooper… not: State Trooper

  • TheRealSnowman

    #3 and #23 = AWESOME!

  • fuzzybeard2016

    #22: The Illinois State Police has a few Corvettes tasked as interceptors.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Quite a few UK forces have Subaru Impreza’s as ‘interceptors’. Also Jags and Range Rovers.

    4 is Hampshire, my local force. The buggy was a project with local kids.

  • HardCore Mike

    You forgot the Lambo from, what is it, Germany?

  • top dog

    I like #3 and 23, my all time favorite. #15 thew me off for awhile, it’s a cool idea if you can sell it to city hall.

  • fasterthanu

    #6 the British police may as-well drive around in go karts since they followed that Derek Bird while he was on a killing spree and couldn’t stop him because the British police were unarmed.

    If they had firearms they would have been able to take him down in a heartbeat and save a few civilians lives, but no. They just followed him AS he SHOT civilians.

    • Anonymous

      And yet we still have far less gun related deaths than most counties on Earth, and unlike places like America a death by firearms is a shocking rarity not something that happens on a daily basis.
      Oh and they do have firearms, they have highly trained specialised armed-responce units.

      • fasterthanu

        Yeah, I know. I am British.

        But not being able to stop a maniac on a killing spree because our police are unprepared doesn’t look good.

        • MichaelGS

          So few are gun deaths in the UK that his killing spree will make up about 20% of the total gun deaths across the UK for the whole year, hell in L.A. they call that a slow weekend

  • Ummm...

    You telling me that guy actually fits in to #22 ?

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  • George


  • izismile

    didn’t i just see this on izismile yesterday. no source given?? what gives?

  • stafferty

    #2 Does anyone else find it ironic that the D.A.R.E. car is the trippiest thing I have ever seen?

  • xxxmalice

  • Malte

    Not exactly a cop car, but the city of Stuttgart, Germany, has two Porsche Cayenne as Emergency Response Vehicles.

  • HellHathNoFury

    *pulls up next to Lambo*
    Hey, wanna trade?
    No, but I’ll give you a ride.

  • Ian

    Hoover Police Department in Alabama confiscated a porsche from a drug dealer

  • lisa

    in laredo, tx a small border city, they have a huge monster truckish cruiser

  • CBRian1k

    Elwood: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.

    Jake: Hit it.

  • nomad

    in japan thay are useing Skyline Type R's

    try to out run that

  • *****

    #22 NFS style

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