Real X-Ray pin-up girls are kind of awesome (12 Photos)

OK, I admit I wish I had the actual photos of the models themselves to compare and contrast (in the name of science, of course), but still…awesome. Anywho, these shots are of real models who posed naked for a promotional calendar of the manufacturer of X-ray machines. Clever. For more click HERE.

  • Anonymous


  • Leif Erikson

    enough pictures of Mary Kate Olsen for today.

  • deadbunnee


  • ydw505

    yes it shows they do have back problems

  • Dex

    She’s kinda bony..

  • saraheleanor17

    I like the shoes

  • mikethecarpenter

    wow, seeing inside someones body just lost alot of mystery, i’m sure she has nice eyes though….

  • Evan

    Ok, so where exactly do I find those “actual photos of the models themselves”?

  • Sedated

    That’s what I call nudity.

  • top dog

    They have no ass, all bones and no ass. I like my women with at least a little meat on their bones. Well, they do have shoes on, but I bet they got big feet. I guess I can live with that as long as they don’t have hammer time toes, or boney toes.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind boning them…

    • sock puppet

      Yeah, but I bet they too much teeth in their BJs.

  • Bruno420

    More of #10, Chive!!

  • LOL

    At least we know there aren’t any implants…probably. 😉

    • Merrrr

      Haha, you can actually tell who has implants! they totally show up on the x-ray!

  • Dr. Doh

    Wow – shouldn’t be too hard to find her. After at least 12 full body X-rays in the nude, she’s the one either glowing or the one dying from radiation cancer.

  • Stinkmo

    Dont most models look like skeletons anyways?

  • sLLY

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    • LOL

      These assholes irritate me. I mean really? You can’t just give John or Leo or Bob an e-mail saying “Hey…love your site…can we advertise on it? Give you actual money and do it right instead of fucking around?” Any of these idiots who spam us like this, I go to their damn site with a fake e-mail addy & tell them that I am less likely to buy a damn thing from them because they pull this shit.

      Maybe it gets through. Hell if I know. I feel a little better for spamming them. ;D {shrug}

  • SaintxXxAsh

    I wonder if this is a fetish for some men (and women). X Ray porn, come and get it.

    • Boner

      I imagine that it would be pretty expensive for commercial production. If it were made available though, I would have to take a look….curiousity, of course.

      By the way, check out the ass on #11!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!

      • stafferty

        Xray porn would be great to see, untill the porn actresses develop radioactive superpowers and rule us all.

        Also, I am waiting to see Hugh Laurie come in and tell us all she has Lupus.

  • Pres Obama

    Ok, it’s kinda cute and original but if this becomes a trend on Chive or anywhere else I’m going to go postal in the hood!

  • a monster

    is this like modelling for people who have terrible skin or horrific scars or something?

  • fzero

    looks like amy winehouse has a new gig

  • workin_donkey

    Get these girls a couple o’ sammiches!

  • Pat

    I’d hit it…

  • sore

    Maybe x-ray glasses wouldn’t be a good idea after all. Anybody know the name of #12?

  • Anonymous

    So,,, do people masterbate to this as well?

  • ken

    Nice length of bone!

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