Sexy World Cup chick revealed. Meet Larissa Riquelme (14 Photos)

A couple days ago we posted the above photo on the CHIVE. We received over a hundred emails demanding that we find out who she was and post MOAR. Here at the Chive, hawking down chicks is our specialty. Her name is Larissa Riquelme, a popular Paraguayan model with some serious curves. Enjoy...

And if you’re into something a little less safe for work… HERE YOU GO!

  • toilet paper

    This girl is fire

    • Anonymous

      no, just slutty

    • alicia

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  • peteyroberto

    nice soccer balls…

  • TOM

    RE: LINK

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    I mean… WHOA. She could root for me any day

  • Emperor-Elect

    13# looks like a man

    • Anonymous

      Yeah.. Cuz the boobs, jewelry, thong, and long curled hair all scream man.

      • Emperor-Elect

        Uh no but the fake boobs,manly jawline and wide shoulders do

        • Me

          how the hell do fake BOOBS scream “man”?????

        • michael

          dude if you see a man when you look at those pic's, you need some serious help

  • Anonymous

    boner alert!

  • dicknose

    boner alert!

  • aleXTC

    Jesus titty fucking christ

  • me

    now find the other girl in #9!

    • tote

      The other girl in #9 is another Paraguayan model: Myrna Pereira 😀

  • Pres Obama

    Soccer players have the best looking girlfriends…it almost makes soccer worth watching.

    • ChrisDG74

      True. MOST of the time. The exception being David Beckham’s wife, who looks like tits on a stick, with a perpetually pouty face.

      • Pres Obama

        Except that would be his wife, I stand by my original statement.

        • ChrisDG74

          She was his girlfriend before she was his wife. And she looked the same then. So, I stand by my statement.

          • Pres Obama

            Except your original post didn’t make that clear, apology accepted.

            • ChrisDG74

              What, you think they met in some fantasy land, where as soon as 2 people see each other, they are instantly married? Did he find her asleep in the forest, after she ate a poison apple, and woke her up with a kiss as well? And then I bet the sky brightened and all of the birds in the land began flying around them chirping happliy.

            • Pres Obama

              Allow me to explain, my statement was made in the present tense, the here and the now. Debating the fact she was once his gf is fine, but it doesn’t alter the accuracy the statement.

    • fourtwenty

      hey obama, get your head outta your ass and legalize it. conan obrien——–>

      • Pres Obama

        If I do legalize it, will you promise to stop smoking a pipe and looking like a jackass?

        • HellHathNoFury

          Does he have to stop doing both?

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  • Pat

    Thank You Chive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fasterthanu


  • Your Underpants

    she’s rack-tastic

  • rawhide

    she’s got those trampoline nipples I like so bad

  • Brad

    There are way hotter Paraguayan models than her: Mirna Pereira, Yanina Gonzalez

    • Anonymous

      she has a nice Para guayans.

  • bigBLACKguy

    man look at dat ass! that ass is mine! none of ya’ll with small white dicks dare not touch it. shes only into my massive black cock.

    • ChrisDG74

      That’s not what your ex says.

    • killa

      Dumb N- – -er! I doubt she would like you unless she's into beastiality!

    • Jerome

      You're a disgrace to black people. You feed into all of the negative stereotypes about us. Idiot. Finally a Black man becomes the President and is showing the world that we are no different than anyone else and that we do have class and you say some dumb shit like this to embarrass us all.

  • top dog

    Now thats a booty!!! I’ll bet I could sit my cup of coffee on that booty, it’ll be hot but hey, so is she, and nice tits too. Not only that, this girl is the total package. HUNGRY!!!!! DAMN I love them soccer girls!!

  • paraguaijin

    heya guys. girl in pic #9 to the right of the douche-bag is Mirna Pereira. she even has a home-made porno. google it and enjoy it.

    • Brad

      But be careful, the homemade video that Mirna made was done when she was 17, thereby making it child porn…

  • MaxSpain

    I like her better when i thought they were real…

  • Apoennim

    Am I the only one who saw Elvis?

  • HardCore Mike


  • BBAmp

    #9 invisible man, #10 invisible lake, #13 invisble train YEA I figured it all out with a lot of eye strain… wait this isn’t an optical illusion gallery is it…

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  • piouerg

    There is only one word to describe this post Holyfucktard

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