• SJ

    Chain several hipsters together. Share the misery.

  • MichaelGS

    i thought hipster-itus was terminal, there is no cure 😦

  • vernazza

    Lol, I totally thought of this before! All you need is a chain (to serve as a leash) and a drunken/passed out hipster! Lulz ensue!

  • jozef

    i think im gonna buy some padlocks, gonna visit some summer festivals, they could get some use.

  • adventureben

    i'll tell ya, i don't wear tight pants, not 80 lbs and sure not very scrawny. more of a burly punk rock lumberjack. and the running is a good idea, as i would beat your ass. and when i got the lock off, i'd make you eat it.

    • Macro

      ewwl such a tough guy, bet your boyfriend loves that taint tickling stache

  • Twiggy

    @ huh?–hey buddy go screw yourself. ive got tattoos and ive got big tunnels, but im a piercer,its my life choice. dont be a prick cuz you dont understand. just because one douchebag hipster is an ass dosent mean the rest of us our. down with hipsters,but before you do something like this, make sure they actually deserve it.

  • Fuckahh

    Well fuckers, I like my tight pants, and I can run fast as fuck, and I'm a lightweight boxer thats 10-1. If you tried this, I'd kick your fucking ass into 2012

    • Macro

      ewll another internet tough guy, bet your boyfriend loves those tight panties you wear

  • Zakk Gunk

    John I wished that I knew you so that I could beat your ass for being an ignorant fuck, only some douchbag loser who thinks he is above everyone else would make a post like this. Big deal you don't fallow the trend, that doesn't mean you get to walk around talking shit about people because they are different than you, you fucking ass clown.


    I agree with adventure ben, im a 6′ 1 burly mf and if u ever did this to me ide tackle u grab one of those padlocks out of ur pocket stick it in my tube sock and beat ur face in with it, or just stick u with a blade, messing w/ ppl is cool when ur 12 but when ur 18+ and u mess with someone u dont know u could be messing with a crazy mf… I am one of those ppl hahahhaha

  • Frylock

    Run like fuck? Run from hipsters? Hahaha! The worst they’ll do is condescendingly explain to you that you’re an asshole

  • gizmo77819

    Saw a guy with 3 inch ones was crazy

  • Nate

    So, I'm not aloud to wear gauges? I have 00's, that does not mean I'm a "hipster". I just think that gauges look good on me. We learned to tolerate different races. We learned to tolerate different religions. How about we learn to tolerate lifestyle choices? If the holes in my ear bother you that much, then maybe it's you who needs to get a grip.

    • Macro

      yes it means you're a hipster, sorry for your loss

  • Stephanie

    Thisz Would Make Me Laugh . I Have 7/16’s I Wouldn’t Care But How Would You Take Them Off ?

  • mew

    could you imagine pulling off padlocking two hipsters together at the earlobes? now that would be legendary.

  • Honey Dew

    Hipsters are wearing gauges now? Ugh, I thought that was mostly worn by rockers and metal heads. They truly aren’t original are they?

  • lena

    this is some shit

  • Badmass

    "where I just found my interracial boyfriend!" I wasn't aware a person could be interracial…

  • Looking for plugs

    So much anger in the comments, that's crazy! I never understood why some people made such a big deal about plugs. I'm sure it was the same when tattoos were becoming popular and now it seems everyone has one…. soon plugs will be mainstream and no one will care.

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