• jimBob

    Yep… he’s dead.

  • Sedated

    The Losers. Animal edition.

  • Anonymous

    You got knocked the BRAAAAAAK out!

  • Anonymous

    Now… where’s my money !??!

  • G

    Move again, and we keep peckin

  • The Dude

    Leave the gun take the bagel

  • nastyb123

    Well, Well, Well, look what we got hear.

  • Sundance

    I’m sorry. Did I break your concentraion?

  • Butch Cassidy

    The concept of the 1 cup confused the 2 pidgeons.

  • James

    We TOLD YOU not to bring that McDonalds shit around here, right? RIGHT?! We told you, bring a large basket of Primanti’s fries and drop it in the trash can on the corner, and we’d let you live. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH? Get him, Jimmy.

  • Trox

    Squit: I just want to be a tough bird, like you, Pesto!
    Pesto: What’re you sayin’?
    Squit: I said you’re a tough bird, that’s all.
    Pesto: You sayin’ that I’m an overdone piece of meat? Is that what you’re sayin’? What am I, a plate of dried steak-butt meat, here to amuse you?
    Squit: No, I didn’t say that! I just mean you’re tough.
    Pesto: I’m tough?
    Squit: Yeah, you’re tough.
    Pesto: That’s it! Tough? I’ll show you “tough”! You want “tough”? Here’s your “tough”!

    • TYler

      yea, um…its a caption this, not write a screenplay

  • Doug Goff

    Looks like you ate corn last night!

  • dees

    Twa Corbies

  • Anonymous

    You got knocked the F*CK OUT!!!

  • Anonymous

    You got knocked the F*CK OUT!!

  • Jimmy A

    Yoos on owa turf now, right Vinnie?

  • bcbeltes

    Geez, dude – don’t get your feathers in a knot…

  • limasol

    Reservoir Birds

    Is that a Quentin Tarantino Movie or an Alfred Hitchcock Movie?

  • Joel Mora

    That’s right bitch!

  • floscar

    We don’t gets angry we gets stabby, ovahee.

  • Jimbo

    Spider caught a fly. Bring out the gimp.

  • Ajay


  • Matt

    (jersey accents) Hey Pauly, aint dis da guy thats been messin with yo sister? yuz wann us to show him some hospitality?

  • Bill b

    Sven, realized too late, that is was a bad idea to try to steal giant pigeon eggs.

  • Brad

    Are you beaking my bird? He said “Are you beaking his bird?”

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