• Gob the Magician

    Can’t believe we got beat out for that role in precious……..

  • Sean


  • Dirt McGirt

    We want ze money, Lebowski!

  • EricVDM

    The last thing Custer saw

  • André

    So, the shrink machine really works. Now what?

  • top dog

    Lets squash their little heads.

  • jhone

    IT HATCHED!!! WTF is it?

  • Anonymous

    Penguin 1:Whoa…what’s that?
    Penguin 1:That’s not my kid is it…
    Penguin 2:Uhh…no…but it’s not mine either
    Penguin 1: Let’s pretend like this never happened

  • Lao

    Yup, thats herpes alright

  • Beldar

    Turtledoves? Turtledoves!!!!! Who you callin’ turtledoves? We ain’t no stinkin’ turtledoves!!!! Why we oughta…..!!!

  • D

    You know how to get to Carnegie Hall, don’t you? Practice.

  • sheezy

    anyone remember that old cartoon “the good-feathers”

  • Anonymous

    straight outta compton

  • j2

    talk is cheap motha fucka!

  • indiancheef

    you in the wrong neighborhood, son!

  • Albanian

    I kill half of them….u kill the rest…

  • Nimmy

    You won’t be sitting on the stool anymore when we get through with you.

  • Nimmy

    My bad. I made a grammatical error in previous comment.
    “You won’t be sitting on the stool anymore when we’re through with you!”

  • Aki

    Move I dare you. Move

  • Zach

    you… gonna get raped

  • Omar T

    “And stay down”

  • Anonymous

    man these captions are really bad. You suck!!

  • andrew d

    “now its my turn. you pin him down, and i’ll crap on his head.”

  • Anonymous

    awwwww you really suck. wow what a bunch of super-suck captions. barf…baaarrfff

  • DS13

    After the nuclear war, pigeons will be huge, preditory animals.

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