• Justin Camarena

    Someday, They will be able to look down on US.

  • poopy123

    Damn You got Knocked Tha F*ck Out

  • CuriousReader

    Pigeon1; There! That's the guy who didn't share his food earlier..
    Pigeon2; Him? Are you sure?
    Pigeon1; Yeah it's him, call the guys where about to launch one heck of a shit storm, you know
    pigeon2; What do you mean?
    Pigeon1; Poop you moron, were gonna launch an air strike using our shit!
    Pigeon2; Oh!

  • duntkno

    You got knocked the Fuck Out!

  • Detsirf

    WTF You Lookin' At?!?!!?

  • Zerk C's

    You just got knocked the fuck out

  • Dee

    Helloooo peanuts

  • Rex Brush


  • llama beans

    So if our dicks touch it's not gay, right?!



  • Sam

    WHO SENT YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Gilly

    Thug Life.

  • Anonymous

    Come at us bro

  • Jeff

    Hmmm….I didn't know we had penises.

  • Bbqsauce

    Take the breadcrumbs, leave the canoli.

  • FoxCassidy

    you think you can hit that bwm from this height?

    ya ima whitewash that bitch

  • Kevin

    youz in the wrong good motha ducka

  • WoodytheHoneyBadger

    oh shit you in the wrong neighbor hood now nigga, hey man lets fuck this cracker up.
    On a side note this is how i feel going into the mall and accedently bumbing into some black folks

  • indominableman

    In Soviet Russia, pigeons feed you.

  • Brendan

    You Got Knocked The Fuck Out!

  • michael galatas

    is it dead ? peck it and find out . hell no man it smells like road kill . god dammit move out the way ,if youre not gonna eat it i will

  • Aroy

    A bug's life 2 was very……very short.

  • Adam B

    (Tall pigeon on left) Say 'what' again. Say 'what' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say what one more Goddamn time!

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