• alkdyfds

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  • ew

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  • HellHathNoFury

    Before anyone starts crying, a Morgan is a horse.

  • StrawberryWaffles

    @Hell Hath no Fury: Was just thinking the same thing, that really isnt amusing at all.

  • Anonymous

    please tell me what does butter face mean?

  • andipoo magoo

    That’s like saying “4 year old Clydesdale for sale”. Not exactly comedy, just a for sale sign.

  • Top 22 Funniest Sales Signs of All-Time - Funny Signs, Sales Leads

    […] We’ll give the sign poster the benefit of the doubt on this one, we’re pretty certain he meant the classic car and not his obnoxious child. But who can know for sure? A walkthrough of the public school in your town may convince you otherwise. If ever there was an argument to spend MORE on public education, this is it. Our option to target worst spellers above is looking like a better and better business opportunity. Source […]

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