Daily Afternoon Randomness (30 Photos)

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  • diGGer

    #29 WTF, 6.5 with a bag on her head. And I know I’ve seen that face somewhere before…got it…Chris Farley!

  • NOUU

    jesse, it’s casue most hot asians are ladyboys. i know i fap to them all the time. now go fuck yourself.

  • Oz man

    I kinda thought she was cute….

  • Halloweenghost

    I LOL’ed at 15 because it’s true >.> <..>

  • drytru

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  • Hubble


  • northerner

    #1, what a dork! The girl has such an absolutely lovely tush and all he wants to do is use it for a tripod….geez. Moron!

  • where's your nip?

    #24…idk.. that top’s riding pretty high in the right boob and still no sign of a nipple…
    kinda freaks me out.

    • where's your nip?


  • dave

    16 is pretty damn stupid and careless even by chive standards. Cool to mess with your friends but not by putting explovises in their face.

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