• sd

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    • aosux

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    • Mustafa_Beer

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  • ken

    Kid has got moves.

  • un nameable it

    MJ is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • someguy

      nah.. MJ didn’t dance Samba… However, that’s an awesome future monster !! Resulting from an marvelous instance of mutation during the Carnival in Rio !

      • MrBriggs

        MJ didn’t dance the samba and as far as we know neither this baby.

        This rythm is called “kuduro”. Google it.

  • SomethingClever

    I have a feeling that someday this kid will pay his rent entirely in moist dollar bills…

  • Pres Obama

    We’re born to dance!

  • Bojangles

    Ugh.. Fix his diaper.

  • Bryan

    I’m sorry but babies that can dance may be the creepiest thing on the planet to me.

    • FailRater

      Uh no… that would be America.

  • Rodrigo Zeba

    I’m from Brazil. Specifically form the city where this was recorded, Salvador. The ‘song’, at certain point, says: “No duro, no duro”. This means: “In the boner, in the boner”. See a two-year-old dancing a song that talks about sex is shocking by itself, in a catholic country where all those freaking motherf*** priests are wandering around makes me want to put a boner on his mother’s brain. It’s repulsive

    • MrBriggs

      I haven’t heard the whole song, but I’m 100% sure that in the part that can be heard in the video the singer is saying ‘kuduro’ and describing that the rythm comes from Angola and stuff. Maybe there’s another part of the song where he says ‘no duro’ probably trying to rhyme with ‘kuduro’.

      You are right in your arguments, I just think that this is not a good example of it. Funk carioca in general is way worse – immoral at best, illegal at worse.

    • fourtwenty

      wtf? it says “in the boner”. i try to get stuff outta my boner. this doesnt make sense. richard pryor——>

  • metronil

    Look at that fat pig of a mother…brazil has go toi be the fattest scum on the earth

  • FuriousMoe

    All that coordination, yet still poops his pants.

    • top dog

      Well it’s a diaper, thats what it’s for.

  • MrBriggs

    I think the proper translation would be “at the boner”, like giving you directions at it. “Pega no duro” would translate as “touch my boner” or something like this.

    Anyways, I don’t think that’s what the guy says at all, at least not in that clip. But don’t worry because in Brazil there’s no shortage of sexually-loaded songs to which kids shake their tiny genitals. That’s unfortunately the way it is.

  • ndoland

    This kid is a monster. Brazil is the worst place ever,, its a terrible country just poverty and disease, and stupid dancing.

  • Wow

    Well it’s easy to figure out that they’re bad parents WITHOUT translating the song. Because what mother lets their baby dance on a fucking table.

  • HellHathNoFury

    If it can walk, it should be toilet trained and wearing clothing.

    • Anonymous

      That kid don’t walk.

      He dance.

  • Fign

    OMG…OMG.. the attack of the Puritans Commenters, the avengers of morality in the whole world and deprecators of inmoral countries like Brazil and the rest of the world. Pleaaaase, do you think that 50 cents and company raps are church hymns…to be criticizing sexuality in brazilian music. Whatever…
    BTW, the kid is AWESOME, I am sure he can dance much better than all of the commenters (together)

    • Puritania

      But Fign, he’s dancing on a table! Don’t you get it?! A fucking table! In Brazil! Oh my god! What mother lets their baby dance on a fucking table?! In fucking Brazil!

      A FUCKING TABLE!!!!!

      • alex

        seriously, someone has to eat off that fucking thing.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Won’t someone please think of the children?!

  • Markkens

    My bet’s on that kid having a lot of dependents

  • top dog

    Dancing on a table is a lot less worse than giving little timmie a shot of your beer, some parents think that is cute, I say little timmie will be a alc before he’s twelve.

  • John G

    that kid looks about 5yrs old

  • Michelle

    The motor skills on that kid are just amazing! He is way more advanced than many kids his age who spend their days sat in front of a TV and are slower to develop the balance and coordination this little guy has. Good for him.

  • cytheriaoscar

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  • gizmo77819

    kid got the moves reminds me of the energizer bunny just keeps on going and going and goind

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