Grab the baby, let’s prank the drawbridge (15 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    wow, just wow

    • John

      They used me as the still life model.

  • Douche Nozzle

    First again! You fools are too slow.

    • Douche Nozzle

      Damn, I’ve been bested by a quicker foe!

      • Gordon of Hesselink

        Not funny anymore, but u can be the First Lady of Doucheland

    • Sauru

      You must lead a seriously sad and lonely life

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    I always wanted to know what they put on russian news nowadays. Nevermind

  • Will Ferrell

    Where is this? What city?

    • Paßt scho

      That’s St.Petersburg, Russia.

  • The Dude

    Probably one of the best pranks I ever have seen. This will probably sound stupid but do they know if that girl in #1 did it. Because if a girl did that it makes it even funnier.

    • The Dude

      according to the all knowing google this was done by an activist group called Voina.

  • aosux

    it was done in broad daylight, with a baby on her back. She needs to have her own show or something

  • Lionheart

    Wow!, Its a big sausage!
    What’s the big deal?, It could be a tourist attraction now!

  • Dan

    It’s in Sankt Petersburg.
    the firemen couldn’t wash the drawing till morning.

    P.S. I seriously doubd about the first pic. the white lines show that it was taken in a parking lot, not on the bridge + the grass from the upper corner.

    • DudeLove

      Damn dude, you were paying attention, kudos! It IS a parking lot and she ISN’T the one who painted “the penis” bridge!

  • rso

    in sankt-peterburg in the summer the bridges over the Neva open at 1.00 am and stay open for river traffic all night – it’s a dilemma if you get stuck over on the other side when they open, but often a pretty fun party with other people also stuck

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  • myragehush

    ( ‘ )
    | |
    | |
    | |

  • Slakker


  • fasterthanu

    Im gonna do this!

    Cos am so original!!!!


    penis jokes are so fucking lame

  • toilet paper

    Looks like my sister’s dick

  • Southernfriedcaliboy

    i dont see what the deal is, its not that big….

  • Yoboi

    The first pic’s unrelated. That’s not a bridge that lady’s stepping on.

  • jozef

    in russia bridge crosses you…


    meanwhile in russia…

  • Michael Jackson

    #1 j ust looks like some chick pouring old milk out into a parking lot.

  • Fenex

    =)) awesome

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