I want my wedding to be EXACTLY like this one (19 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    some guys have it all…

  • Beldar

    Pretty lucky guy. Bachelor party and wedding all at the same time. Now that’s an understanding wife to be.

  • Mel

    I smell a divorce:D

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  • Cegonha

    Only in Hungary! YeAh!

  • Unabashed

    Whole thing is fake – no wedding rings

  • LOL

    I do believe that John actually got married! If that’s the case, AWESOME! Great job sunshine! I don’t go for the bottle blonde thing, but if she makes you happy, Chive on! 😉 Here’s hoping the two of you will have long and happy lives together! 😉 Congratulations!

    • LOL

      One thing…is she a mail order bride & does Andrew know about this? 😛 LOL

  • Anonymous

    In communist Russia…AIDS marries you….

  • Anonymous

    So who is this pornstar???

  • Anonymous

    that’s disgusting!

  • Doink

    Their parents must be. so. proud?

  • gus

    my 1st wedding( and the night before at the rehearsal) there were SO many drunk girls – i hugged and kissed and fondled boobs and grabbed butts – girls go nuts over weddings. one was asking me what I’m going to do to the bride on our wedding night( while both my hands cupped her tight jeans ass) and when i tried to tell her she started kissing me! men – go to weddings! horny babes everywhere!

  • Kayley

    Girls are always putting down other girls it’s annoying.

  • Anonymous

    The main thing I remember about my wedding night is that it was the last time I got a blowjob from my wife. Fortunately, she absolutely loves to get fucked in the ass, so that makes up for it.

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