Bridge built by hand from herbs?? (15 Photos)

This suspension bridge in the southern province of Cuzco Peru was made only of special herbs and is a total length of 36 meters. Somehow I’d be like, “ahhh, you go first, I’m right behind you.”

  • Aklaim

    Yeah, that’s not a suspension bridge.

    • MichaelGS

      thats whats called a “simple suspension bridge”. youre thinking of a suspended deck bridge. Similar names but they differ in their physics

      • Anonymous

        They differ in their engineering. You may want to look up the definition of Physics.

        • MichaelGS

          actually, Statics (subfield of Mechanics – the branch of physics concerned with the behavior of physical bodies when subjected to forces or displacements) regards Physics. You might want to look up both defininitions

    • KickUinDas

      Aklaim you bastard who gives a shit if its a suspension bridge or not? Its made of herbs u dumbass thats what matters!!! now stop trying to be a smartass!

  • ydw505

    Next time make it from weed… because that would be smoking hot 😉

  • Kev N

    i’ve been on that bridge

    • Jord

      I haven’t.

  • Jord

    Though I have been on plenty of other bridges over the years.

  • Ron

    Yet again, another complete thread lifted from izismile, way to copy and paste, sounds like a strenuous job.

    • HldOnHittinABowl

      Why the hell are you here then? Why don’t you take your whiny ass and STFU!!! I for one like the fact they do that. They do a pretty damn good job of showing the better things out there on the internets so just get the F*ck outta here if you gonna be a whiny bitch.

      • Tyler

        well spoken sir

      • Ron

        Way to be classy HldOnHittinABowl

        To blatantly copy and paste something from another website and not give the original source is plagiarism. Chive claims in their about section that they “over 5,000 unique photo galleries”. They are not unique since a lot of galleries are copied and pasted from other sites.

        Also, Chive claims to be “the foremost authority and source of all viral photos on the internet”. They are clearly not the “source of all viral photos on the internet”, just copying and pasting whatever they find from other sites most times without giving the original site credit. Can they call themselves the “source” then? No, they are the middle man. From now on I will be going straight to the sources and cut out the middle man. Usually there are more and better quality pics on the sources sites.

        The problem I have with theChive is not posting the original source, that’s it.

        • MichaelGS

          youre more than welcome to fuck off Ron. I for one only come here to the Chive because they filter out the lame shit and give me hot chicks and laughs. I dont go anywhere else. This is a comedy site, they might claim to be the source and authority, but read further and Leo is gonna take over the world while John never grows up. Dont even get me started on Bob’s origins 😉 If youre gonna take every word they say as gospel, you dont belong here. so I say again: Fuck off!

          • workin_donkey

            There are plenty of times when I don’t agree with MichaelGS however this is one time that two sides can come together for a common cause…working across the aisle as they say in political circles. MGS, well stated, sir.

            Ron, you are welcome to STFU and leave or click through the site and enjoy. Either way the world will go on.

            • MichaelGS

              nice to have some one agree with me for once, Mr.Donkey, but im gonna go hardline here, lets not give him the option of staying and enjoying lets just tell him to GTFO 😉

            • Ron

              MichaelGS, workin_donkey and HldOnHittinABowl…grow up. Your dialog solidifies the American jerk stereotype. You are all violating Chive’s TOS:

              “Do not post abusive, obscene, threatening, harassing, defamatory, libelous, offensive or sexually explicit material.”

              Your commentaries definitely fall under that.

              If you want to keep visiting an uncreative site that plagiarizes other sites, so be it. Izismile has a lot more funny and interesting content than theChive (which theChive constantly plagiarizes) but I guess there are a lot less pictures of scantily clad women there so that site (and others like it) aren’t down to your levels.

          • MichaelGS, workin donkey, HldonHittinaBwl

            You guys need to get together for a Chive cocksucking circle. One Bob, Leo, or John cock for each of you. MichaelGS, you get a special bum loving for your self-proclaimed Chive loyalty. Boobs and funnies boobs and funnies!

        • The Dude

          You have a problem not stating sources? We are looking at pictures of monkeys drinking 40’s while sitting in a brazilian girls lap. It’s not like were doing Ph. D dissertation work here

          • The Dude

            I backed you up Chive now please give me my suicide girls post.

            • MichaelGS

              that american jerk phrase would hurt more If i was actually american. And given that I go on the web while bored in work, I’d prefer to look at boobs or funnies. It must be sooo difficult for you to find a website that sources every single set of photos, gotta be damn near impossible. Hell izismile doesnt even do it. Plus the comment section here is almost as good (sometimes better than) then posts themselves

  • Don

    That’s as much a suspension bridge as the golden gate. Same principle, the side ropes in tension support the deck ropes (lower ropes) and provide them rigidity and support through the vertical ties.

    Mistakenly you may think the side ropes are handrails, but they are there to greatly increase the weight capacity of the lower ropes and provide structural integrity to the bridge deck (lower ropes). As a free bonus they do give you something to hold onto in order to cross.

    I bet it took them months to make the rope and build the bridge. Us north americans are completely lost when the power goes out, by contrast.

    • The Dude

      I would have given you a thumbs up but I quit reading after the second sentence

    • dean

      when my power goes out i simply wait for the generator to start up, and i still know exactly were i am

      • MichaelGS

        when my power goes out, it open a dimensional vortex which bends time and space throwing me clean across the globe. thats why i get lost without power.

  • sf

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  • Gerardo

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  • Joe


  • Citizen_Pa1n


  • knifemike

    "Made out of an herb…" what, you mean like hemp or sisal, the same stuff they've been using to make rope for centuries?

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