• B

    Great photo, but maybe from 1979? Ronnie didn’t join the Stones until the mid-70s; he was probably still in the Jeff Beck Group or the Faces in ’69.

    • ter

      looks like they fixed it. good call

  • partner

    take note, kids

  • NewCoke Head

    The Drugs!…Where are the Drugs?

    • EA

      The picture has got to be cropped or something, I don’t know, maybe photoshopped?

      • Joe Kroger

        I’m confused. Why would this have to be photoshopped? Am I missing something?

  • Anshula

    Who’s the girl with the knobby knee and whompin’ foot toeing Keith’s bits?

    • john

      a heroin whore she thinks shes pushing the “button” on the
      ” DRIP ” dispensor !!

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