A little pointless comedy to lighten your Monday (28 Photos)

  • CunningLinguist

    boody traps, thats what i said

    • nemesis

      Saw the Goonies on TV yesterday morning. When I was a kid, I never realised just how disturbing it was that a bunch of kids were trying to find “One-eyed Willy’s rich stuff”.

      It was a happier time…

  • Anonymous

    12 is funny..good morning everybody.

  • Anonymous


  • MichaelGS

    loving #17

  • someguy

    #10 makes perfect sense to me! # 12.. poor hamster, when the tape is ripped of..

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    20. Yawn. Yes, because we always riot after sports matches in England.

    NBA anyone?

    (Is there a day when the USA is NOT all the way up its own @rse?)

    • etchasketchasaurus

      Don’t hate cuz you can’t party, boy!!!!! WOOOOOoo MURICKA BABY! …..Sorry, I channeled Kenny Powers and couldn’t keep that inside.

    • Anonymous

      its not our fault you suck at sports. i thought soccer was supposed to be the one thing you’re good at

      • belisario

        The english national team sucks and plays like crap! Thought this was common knowledge.

        • Honest Brit

          Your right, it’s just we’re allowed to be delusional once in a while.

      • CrumpleFish

        We do suck at sports but we rock at rioting…and sports

      • Anonymous

        Shit at sport? What WORLD sport is america good at? GOLF. Even though an irishman jst won the US open… England has a pretty good national rugby team, won the 2003 rugby world cup and 2nd in 2007. And our cricket team just won the 20:20 world cup. Has america ever won a world cup in anything? :/ but admittedly we are shit at football but its a shit sport

        • TheWacee

          I’m a Yank, and I’ll tell you, after living in England for a brief time, I can tell you, those Brits can party it up like nobody’s business. There were lots of fun times there. That being said, the depiction of the US as a peaceful fuzzy cat, BBQing, art loving place is a complete fallicy. I love this country, but let’s be real for a second. We’re in a pretty miserable existance right about now. To be putting down other countries is like the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Nameless

            We’re in a miserable existance in the US? Speak for yourself buddy. I have a job, a house, a car and a dog, I pay my bills on time and I live within my means. I’m doing just fine. Maybe you should evaluate your choices, my man.

        • Anonymous

          You also suck when it comes to dental work and orthodontics hahahahaha

          • P-90

            Actually a recent survey by an international medication organisation found that on average, the British have the healthiest teeth in the world. Score one for the NHS.

            • Anonymous

              Ye i read that aswell p90, british people have the least amount of dental fillings in the world. So your one aregument against brits is null and void haaaaaa!

          • Da Cuntstabber

            And you suck at noticing there are aeroplanes coming to yer buildings

    • EnglishAs1stLanguage

      Absolutely, riots in England because we let guys off for shooting unarmed black guys. Oh, wait, did I say England or Oakland?

  • Aiyowei

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    • EriktheRed

      whomever you are, you do know that you will die a very slow, painful, agonizing death right? Spamming complete bs like this is akin to telemarketing, and all those that participate in such a “field” of “occupation” deserve nothing more than to die and rot in the newly fashioned wing of hell that’s been created just for people such as yourself. That is all.

      • a boogidy boogidy boo

        You seem tense.

      • Da Cuntstabber

        Whoever you are you're just bashing a spam. That is all.
        Also do you have the balls to kill?

  • P-90

    #16 Anyone know who the artists is?

  • Michael

    Awww poor goomba…

  • SaintxXxAsh

    Hmm. I’ve never seen Edward scissorhands

    • http://metalcool36.wordpress.com metalcool36

      I was told it was an obligation that if you were born in this world you must watch Edward scissorhands sometime before you were 20. Needless to say I was persuaded into doing so and i’m still not sure why it is talked about as being such a great movie… But if he were a real person I would hope that he would chop up every damn vuvuzela in this world!!

      • SaintxXxAsh

        Well, I’m 22 and still have yet to see it. I think it scared me when I was younger hence the lack of wanting to see it.

        Why do you posess such hate for the vuvuzuela!? That plastic horn taught me the one skill I needed in this world.

  • aosux

    Mario should never have dropped out of college.

  • Rico

    #20 is soo true.

    • not-a-moron

      except, there was no riots, so not true at all really.

  • ohmai

    21- yeeeaaaaa!!!!
    22-i should have thought about that! im gonna go try have sex in a dryer…

  • Dan

    # 26 is fake 😛

    (I was sad enough to check)


  • Anonymous

    #5: Photoshop contest that shit!

  • Anonymous

    #5 Photoshop contest that shit!

  • Vihni

    #12 Frisky Dingo- Death Rabbits … I knew some sick fucker would try it!!
    And #6 is just so freakin’ awesome!

  • kaveman

    cock-burns i've had a case of that

  • Always Last


  • Jawbone

    Wow, this is the pathetic shit your grandma forwards you in e-mails.

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