Beatboxing to Super Mario Brothers is not human (Video)

I’m sure some of you will watch this and say “fake”, but for those doubters out there this Japanese man is named Hikakin and he is already sort of famous for his beatboxing. For more examples of his wizardry click HERE.

  • Michael

    Where the F are the hot chivers?!

  • Jersey Shore

    MOM?!?!? Where are you? I miss you!

  • Jersey Shore's Mom

    Hey Baby! Hows ’bout we get together tonight?? I need you, Baby!

  • Hubble

    He’s got a better sound system than my car…

  • Aiyowei

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  • Anonymous

    THIS IS FUCKING LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timothy

    Personally I think Beardyman is better… And this guy needs to lower the feedback on his mic.. or get acoustics/padding… This guy seems better if he did a Daft Punk song.

  • DrJSD

    He should move away from the mike like Tay Zonday….all I here is him taking huge breaths in and out.

  • MattW

    I bet it would even be difficult to lip sync to that, much less actually do it.

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  • Mattchoo Pitchoo

    This guy’s a bad ripoff of Rahzel.

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