Hot gamer girls fulfill my fantasy (18 Photos)

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    It's easy to pose with game consoles and controllers, but how many of these chicks actually play? Very few I bet. Me, however, I game on the PC, DS, GC, Wii, and Xbox, and I bet I would wipe the floor with most of these chicks! Or hurt them when I throw my controller at them when the game pisses me off! Mwahahaha!

    • will210

      who fuckin cares if they play or not

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        Um, because asstwat, they can’t be called gamer girls unless they actually game!

        • will210

          well asshole, i guess i made my point u r gay

          • fasterthanu


            you guys

            • Twitch

              Anybody else notice how it takes less than 10 posts for the first “you are gay” accusation?

              Grow up, children. Likely most of these girls are paid models and don’t play video games. Even MORE likely is these girls would EVER want anything to do with video gamer. What would you talk about? How you can rock Guitar Hero? Or that time you, “totally pwned that 12 year old in Halo 3,” or how you wasted a Saturday doing a raid for you’re totally awesome epic piece of WoW gear? I’m sure they’ll just be HANGING on every word you say.

              Trust me, hot video game girls are few and far between. And more importantly, if she’s hot but chooses to spend her time playing games, you gotta ask yourself what sort of neuroses and personality disorders she has.

              There’s fantasy land, and then there’s the real world. Just sayin’

            • HellHathNoFury

              You’re so right, HUTR. And they’re not real gamers unless they lean back and forth while using an NES controller, haha!
              Twitch, I’m not what many guys would give two shits about while gaming, but I’d much rather have a homely guy that can relate to some fun, innocent gameplay *or not-so-innocent in my case* than a pretty boy who stares blankly when I make a really nerdy game reference. I don’t want a guy who lives his life on D&D or CoD or H3, but a good mix of gaming in with outdoor hobbies is very desirable.
              I’m a left-to-right 8 bit kinda girl, but I’ll hide in the corner and throw some sticky grenades too.

          • HeartUnderTheRose

            Um, how did you remotely make a point? The only point you made is how much you really are an asstwat. So go bad to jerking off to your internet porn.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              And HHNF, I ❤ you! hehe

            • Nameless

              Missing the reply button so I had to reply to an ealier post of yours. I’m great, Heart. And you?

          • Nameless

            @Will210 – Uhhhh…. The poster you called gay is actually NOT a dude. You need to work less on your internet cage fighting skills and more on your chick recognition. This is precisely why you typically have a hard time getting laid.

            • HeartUnderTheRose

              Nor am I into other chicks, so that pretty much eliminates the gay thing. But anyway, Nameless! How you been? hehe

            • jsnforce


              THAT IS ALL.

    • CB Lara


  • Anonymous

    I bet the game system is older than the who-oar in #18

    • TalkingCoot

      This is the hottest pic on the entire fucking website.

  • Alex

    #17 longest photoshopped feet i ever seen

    • unfairrobot

      I think the shot was taken with afish-eye lens. Fits more in the picture but distorts parts of the image.

      • aosux

        I’m not seeing anything alse being distorted. She just has some mutant feet.

        • Reign

          That's Kate, from Kate's Playground, and yes, she has a deformed foot, which is probably why they took the pic the way they took it… BTW: she truly IS a gamer nerd, and she's awesome…

    • element

      It was for sure the lens. But heck yeah, she's playin Halo!

  • Mr Mobius

    So wait a minute? You put in these posers, and yet no Jade Raymond, Felicia Day, Olivia Munn, Jessica Chobot, Veronica Belmont etc?

    There are some actual really hot gamer girls – go get them…

    • Always Last

      Sorry there, Sparky. None of those girls are really "gamers", they're actresses who like to take advantage of sad little gamers like you.

      • StaircarJustice

        Felicia Day is absolutely a gamer…

  • Anonymous

    4 is hot

    • johnny

      Her name is Bryci, she has a softcore porn site.

      • aosux

        #4 FTW. Um, yeah. You win!

        • FartFace

          SNES girl wins for me. not only is she hot, but that’s an SNES with A Link to the Past in it.

  • rob


    • notta

      I believe I am a nerd.. I mean I was trying to figure out what game was on the tv in #7 before I realized the girl was in the pic.. for shame.

  • Trys

    #7 is REALLy ugly.

    • theBaron

      She's gorgeous!!!

    • biggles

      I would tap it. TWO TIMES

  • MichaelGS

    #14 is a tough choice between the auction house in world of warcraft and boobs… oh who am I kidding the prices are always inflated at the AH, so the boobs must win!

  • Jon without the h

    Attention!!! To anyone who is worried about what game is on the TV, whether or not these girls are true "gamers," or how badly you would beat them in Guitar Hero:

    Go back to your parent's basement and keep playing Halo. Mommy doesn't like you looking at these girls anyway. If you have to comment on everything except how hot or ugly the chick is, you should not be here.

    In allusion to the girls…There are several butterfaces, but I would take numbers 2 and 11 without hesitation.

    • Nameless

      Sorry, John from Columbus– On going back to my parent’s basement, that’s a no can do. Been chained up in your mom’s basement the last week and a half. Send help. Please.

      • ...

        He said with out the H dildo…

        • Nameless

          Oh, so you noticed I left the H in his name. Good job. Point being that it’s nobody’s fault his but his parents that they couldn’t fucking spell when they named him and furthermore, the world doesn’t give a shit how he wants them to spell it.

    • Ginja2227

      The only thing you'll be taking is your boys hammer!!

  • fasterthanu

    feck off you bloody hippy

    • Tanvir Zaman

      Seriously is there no flagging button or something ? These scrotum sniffer are taking up valuable comment space reserved for us elites.

  • Drizzt

    #13 does it for me.

  • Mustafa_Beer

    1 , 7 , 13 actually seem to be hot gamers…
    # 16 may be the prototype for WII fit.

  • poppajo8

    I could have the clothes off #1 in less than 2 seconds, and she wouldn’t skip a beat!

  • Moar

    MOAR #5!!

    Simply smokin’

  • Billy Bob Bond

    The way #1 touches those joysticks makes me want her to touch my Joystick…

  • ozzie

    yo for real nobody except MOAR mentioned #5, she’s a freakin dime piece. Right in her butt is where it’s going….that is all.

  • top dog

    I’am beginning to think all you have to do if you are a woman is to be into games to get on this post. Wheres the hotness? OK so one through nine is fine as hell, and Number ten, I’ll bone her for a week straight, and 11-18, if I take my time I could do em all in lets say…two days. Wait a minute….thats all of em ain’t it? well never mind then. No wait, I do have something to say, in #17, tell me her feet are not that long…please!!

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  • Anon

    Its like they say just because someone wears glasses doesn’t mean they are a nerd, and just because you wear game consoles for clothes doesn’t mean you know how to play.

  • Malacoda

    when did the comments section become HHNF’s personal ad?

    • HellHathNoFury

      If guys can talk about what they like and don’t like, and what they want to do to the girls, then what the fuck is the difference if a few real women *I know, women are scary to you* talk about what they like and don’t like? The only real difference is that we can use coherent sentences instead of ‘I want fuck now’.

  • malacoda

    yes yes, women scare me. Especially when witty comments such as that are made.

    However I think the topic was you posting a personal ad, instead posting what you wanted to do do some lucky guy….. Now you being the intelligent person you are, I’m pretty sure can see the difference between the two different types of posts?

    However it was made as a joke, if i had known you were going to get so touchy about it, i probably would have posted sooner.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Seeing as you live in Seattle, we can be enemies in real life. Aren’t you just thrilled?

  • Gus

    i like watching my wife play video games – her tits jiggle while sheplays

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  • Malacoda

    Oooooh unfortunately I’m not actually from Seattle… or the USA to be honest. BUT if you move to Canada we can be enemies…..

  • Matt

    half of these aren’t even real gamer girls. still hot though

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